An evening at the hospital

Adam was having this prolonged bout of cough for over 10 days now. First we thought it was just a regular cough so we just give him Breacol. It did subside for a while but not for long. So we brought him to our regular panel clinic and the doctor suspects nothing serious. She just give him some more cough syrup and antibiotics. Last night though, Adam's coughing was so bad, all of us couldn't sleep much at night because of his condition. We thought it is time to take him to the hospital.
Therefore right after work today I rushed to pick up Linda at her workplace and then we straight to Pantai Medical Centre. This hospital is another panel under Linda's PMCare health plan so we won't be paying nothing for their services. We arrived just before 9 and were directed to go to the Emergency section because the regular clinics were closed already. And there's when the waiting began. We waited for an hour to get Adam admitted. I know they use the triage system where the more severe case will be admitted first but seriously, can't they hear poor Adam coughing non stop since the moment we stepped in there?
After an hour we finally get to go in. But first we had to wait a little bit longer at the consultation room. Poor Adam is still coughing incessantly and he even got a cold and a fever to boot. When the doctor finally came, she made a quick check on both Adam and Mia (who happens to have a temperature too) and later ordered for both of them to be given rectal paracetamols (the one that is administered from the rear). Then we waited again for another hour or so before we took Adam to the x-ray room. When the doctor finally came back with the x-ray result, she said Adam is having a little virus infection on his lungs and advised that he be admitted to the hospital. The infection is only minor for now but it can be serious if left untreated she said. So Adam is warded at the hospital tonight and we are going to take turn to look after him tomorrow.
We chose Pantai Medical Centre because it is a well known hospital and also because it was under Linda's panel hospital. But seriously, I think the hospital is understaffed and a bit too crowded for our liking. There were about a dozen patients in the Emergency area tonight and there's only one freaking doctor to attend to all of them. She had to like run from one patient to another for the rest of her shift hence the long waiting time. And when the time Adam had to be warded, even all the rooms are almost fully occupied. Not to mention most of the nurses (especially in the blue uniform) cannot speak a word of Malay (much to my wife's ire). Seriously, you worked here like what, 1, 2 years? At least take the initiative to learn basic terms like 'Kecemasan' for goodness sake.
Around the same time we were there, there was a Japanese couple (I think) on the bed next to us. The wife was having some problems with her pregnancy and she was like bleeding really heavily. The doctor who checked her advised that the wife to be admitted to the hospital but after much persuasions and coercing, the couple just flatly refuse. The husband (the one who speaks very little English) said they don't like the hospital. I can totally feel you mister. You waited for hours for your wife to be checked and its understandable that you don't have much faith with the hospital. Maybe he's thinking that back in Tokyo, he wouldn't have to go through all that crap. Ah well, you better buckle up PMC. People have so very high standards and expectations nowadays.

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