Wanna be my friend?

Isn't it curious that most of my friends at Friendster are girls/women? And if some guy come along asking to be friends I'll just reject them out right? (unless they're my real life friends of course). Yeap, that's me. Playboy extraordinaire.

That said, I now compile some of my most favourite photos of my friends at Friendster complete with captions. Enjoy!

"You mean if kiss her she'll turn into a handsome prince? Sure or not!!"

"Man U supporter? Blerghhhh"

"Okay darling now you decide, choose me or the monkey"

"Hangpa jangan habaq bini aku noo. Tadi aku habaq nak pi mesyuarat pemilihan bahagian. Tup tup member aku ajak pi mancing pulak"

"Okay *gasp* 300 down *gasp* 450 miles *gasp* to go *gasp* to Singapore"

"Guys-guys please, get a room!"

"At last, they finally found Nemo. Turned into a parade float in Terengganu"

"Help! The ATM machine is eating me!!"

"And supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! - Poor Has, she thinks she's Mary Poppins"

"So, tell me what you don't like about yourself.
I want more fins. One for each boobs."

"Make my boobies one more size!"

"Hah you!! I know I smell something stink round here!"

"MB Ahmad Said, 30 years ago"

"You know we can get there 4 times faster if we didn't walk like a kangaroo"

"Help save me from the big, bad, bird!
You mean the one carved from leaves and flowers? Uh, okay"


  1. On Friendster?

    What about real life? Wouldn't that be better if you go out with girls all the time in real life rather than showcase on Friendster?

  2. Afif, do you get their permission to show this on your own blog?? If I were them, I will ask for royalty..kihkihkih...

  3. Kamigoroshi: Who said I didn't?
    But that was long time ago. Now I'm a one woman man he he..

    Ieda: Now what's the fun in that?