So cold in PMC

Yesterday I was told that Adam had to stay for five day at the hospital. Today though we were told the good news that Adam could go home tomorrow if everything goes well. So on Friday night all four of us decided to sleep overnight at Pantai Medical Centre.
These past few days Linda had been staying at the hospital with Adam so that leaves me alone at home with Mia. Previously my wife took care of everything but now I had to do it myself. Prepare Mia's day care bag, bath and feed her, put her to bed. Not that I have any qualms with that. What's more Mia is a really good girl and she's never been any problem to me. Usually she would lay quietly on her comforter sucking her two fingers while I go about with me business.
Adam was admitted in pediatric ward on the fifth floor. First he stayed in a room with 4 beds then the next day he moved to the 2 beds room. Unlike the old room, this new one has (albeit limited) satellite TV so at least Adam can watch the Disney channel.
While Adam and Mia slept on the patient's cot. Linda and I had to take turns to sleep on the reclining visitor's chair. It was truly a pain in the back experience. Earlier tonight I managed to sleep on the vacant bed next to us. But around 4 in the morning a new patient was admitted hence I had to make way for her. I swear this is going to be the last time I'll ever sleep at a hospital as a visitor. Well if I had to, I'll make sure they have a proper place for me to sleep on.
And it was so cold at the hospital. I'm eternally grateful that I remembered to bring my Adidas sweater but my legs was numb cold nevertheless. Although we turned up the air conditioner to 30ºC it was still freezing.
So right after my Subuh prayers, I left the room and went sight-seeing around the hospital. The parking rate was pretty reasonable. 2 ringgit for hours, 1 ringgit subsequent, RM max per day. If I park after 7:00 PM like today, I only had to pay RM3:00 until 8:00 in the morning.
The building was largely deserted save for a few nurses doing their chores. The first doctor that we met (who didn't speak any Malay) was co-incidentally the nurse who looked after Adam throughout his stay here. She was good too, attentive, paid attention to details, very professional.
As a matter of fact, I think our experience with PMC had been really good (save for the initial long screening and admission time). The doctors knows what they're doing, the nurses was amazing, everything was well taken care of plus the place was squeaky clean.
As a patient of the hospital, Adam was served a balanced (and delicious) meals four times a day. The rest of us though had to buy our own food. I don't know what Linda had (maybe she went for a diet) but I bought all my food from outside the hospital. The evening before I bough nasi lemak near my office. Early in the morning I went out to Warung Rindu our former favourite hangout place in Pantai Dalam to buy nasi lemak again. There is a café downstairs called Livingston but as expected it was beyond our limited budget.
Our new roomie came in early in the morning, probably for food poisoning according to the conversation that I heard. She threw up a few times and later soiled her pants creating this funky stench inside the room. Her grandma (I think) grumbled loudly when the nurse said she'll have to pay for a new the sheet. Duh, you can afford to come to PMC but you made a fuss over a new sheet?
Apparently Adam was quite a hit among the nurses and some of the patients there on fifth floor because he was quite talkative and really friendly with everybody. Some were even sad to see he go. Linda managed to befriend a fellow blogger, Tinie.

Overall our experience at PMC so far had been very pleasant. If Linda or any of the kids had to get admitted to a hospital again (God-forbid though), PMC would certainly be high on our preferred list. That said, I think we would want to try a hospital much nearer to home.

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  1. so long not being around here. sorry for adam dear. u better take care kid ;)
    i hate the experience being stay in hospital.. huhu! it's rather staying home.