KT voters, let's send BN into the South China Sea

Dear Kuala Terengganu voters,

Now is the time for you to be part of history. You know a victory for Pakatan Rakyat won't change the government overnight but it sure will keep the momentum of March 2008 political tsunami going. God-willing, if BN loses today, it's possible they'll going to loose all the future by-elections until 2013. If BN loses today, it will rubberstamp the demise of the BN government, marks the end of mostly everything's wrong with the country today. Corruption, discrimination, inequality and gross injustice.

Terengganu is a rich state. With it's abundance of natural and other resources like oil, gas and tourism, Terengganu is second only to Selangor for it's wealth. So why does 15% of the Terengganu people living below the poverty line? Where has all the billions of ringgit of the oil royalty gone? That billions belongs to you the people of Terengganu and is high time you get it all back, not be thrown scraps and pieces during by-elections such as this.

If the BN government is really sincere and they really care, they won't have to wait for an election to hand out incentives to contractors, promises of developments overnight and even blatantly giving bribe to the people. I trust the people of Terengganu should know better by now. Progress and development is the responsibility of the ruling government. It is why we voted them into power in the first place. So when certain politicians keep harping on the need to be eternally grateful for all the current administration had done, it doesn't hold water anymore. Leaders are entrusted by God to take care of the people. Not use their position to pile up riches for themselves.

People of Terengganu,

I know many of you is promised (or even given already) money in exchange for a vote for BN. It's an open secret that BN does this in every election, big or small. And naturally since corruption is so endemic in BN, even if anybody file a million report to the authorities, no action will be taken. Either to the giver or the taker. I understand for those who lives along the poverty line, 300 or 1000 ringgit is a lot of money. But before you draw that cross next to the BN candidate today, bear in mind that BN had became smarter this time. They will require you to show proof that you have indeed voted for BN. Morality and sin aside, let me remind you that there's no guarantee that those scum from BN will actually pay you the money even if you showed them the proof. I know this for a fact. In my hometown during the last general election I saw a stream of villagers standing in line at the BN's office, waiting to be paid for their vote. Form what I heard, most of them never got the money. Yes there is an allocation for this daylight bribery but you know how it's like in UMNO. The insiders hijacked most the money meant to bribe you in the first place. I think after 52 years, we should all know by now how trustworthy UMNO/BN is.

Anyway, is this the example we would like to portray to our kids? That corruption is okay and that our soul and dignity is so cheap that they can be bought for anything? I don't know about you but I would be really ashamed and scared to be asked in the Hereafter, who taught you to receive bribes son? My parent did.

Kuala Terengganu voters,

Now is the time to end all this. I won't promise that the Pakatan Rakyat government would be perfect but I can assure you they've got the rakyat interest at heart. The PR supporters, they voluntarily forked out their own money and energy for their cause unlike their BN counterpart who wouldn't do anything if you don't show them the money first. I think the PR people has a very bright future indeed. So guys, it's now or never. Vote BN out and show that we have no faith in their administration and leadership, old or new. Stop them form plundering the country's resource among themselves and their cronies. If anybody can put a stop to this, that somebody is you. Let us send BN into the South China Sea. Vote for the PAS candidate, vote for a change. Yes we can!

p.s: For KT voters from all over the peninsular, it's still not too late to make it home today. let's do an Afni today! We don't know who she will vote for but looking at this picture here I think we got the general idea.
She came all the way from Bangi to exercise her right. If Afni can do it, sure can you!

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