Taktaz Restaurant

Last week I get to taste some Iranian cuisine courtesy of my manager at Taktaz Restaurant in Serdang Perdana.

After gazumping too many Arabian food of late, Taktaz restaurant is a fresh change.

Located in bustling Serdang Perdana, Taktaz is situated right in front of the South City Plaza mall between a row of similar Middle Eastern restaurants and shops.

This restaurant is owned by Iranians (obviously). The waiter had very little grasp of any English or Malay language so we had some difficulties explaining our order. Fortunately the lady owner did know some English and she came to help out.

We both had some chicken and lamb kebab with their signature saffron rice and not forgetting the regular Barbican drink. Their rice is big and long, unlike the regular rice that I'm used to.

Their kebab is roasted and served with vegetables which is a healthier alternative compared to my regular fried and fattening every food.

To be honest, I find Saba's hanith chicken and rice tastes slightly better than Taktaz's rice. The kebab is awesome but the rice could be better. Maybe I should try some more dishes before I give my final verdict.

The restaurant is nicely decorated with Iranian motives and the place is peaceful and quiet when we came to visit in the afternoon. My sources say it will get a little bit crowded later in the evening.

Their price is standard middle eastern/arabic range with meals starting from RM10.00 each and lunch for two persons today costs RM45.00.

You can check Taktaz Restaurant out at Serdang Perdana, right in front of South City