Arabian Food at Bandar Putra Permai

Arabian/Middle-eastern food has come closer to home for me with the newly opened Arabian Food restaurant near Bandar Putra Permai right opposite of Pasar Borong Selangor.

My colleagues and I decided to gave it a try yesterday during lunch. The menu served is standard middle eastern cuisine like hanith lamb, chicken kabsah, aukdah and hummus. A plate of the main course starts from RM10.80 (chicken aukdah) onwards.

Royal Arabian set. Roasted chicken with bread and rice. They serve a really generous portion of chicken and rice. I mean they could easily feed you and your kid in one serving. The chicken is simply humongous!

Roasted chicken set. Every meal menu comes with free Arabian fragrance tea. Apart from individual meals they also serve family set menus starting from RM35.00 for 3 people. Very reasonable compared to Saba or others.

This was what I had for lunch yesterday, chicken kabsah. I've been yearning of having some Arabian food for days now and my dream came true yesterday thanks to the generous Mr. Mazlan (God bless!).

The regular Barbican drink is on the menu but nowhere to be found in the restaurant. We had this Rich drink instead which tasted almost as good.

Why you should try Arabian Food? One because it's closer to home (if you live in Bandar Putra Permai/Taman Universiti/Equine Park/Taman Puncak Jalil and second this restaurant is run by locals not some already rich foreign Arab owners.

The place is clean and service here is fast and excellent. We got all our meals within 10 minutes and the price is reasonable too. No government or service tax some more. For some delicious Arabian food right near home, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Arabian Food restaurant is located at no 31 Jalan BPP 8/1, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai next to Ana Edar and Domino's Pizza. For directions, click here.