Au Revoir B3-G-22

There comes a time in your life when you are presented with an opportunity to move on to new and better things, in your career for example. I'm having that moment right now. A few months ago, somebody approached me and made me an offer I can't refuse. Yes, it's that good. Add that to the current status of my present company, I was hard-pressed to say no to that offer. Besides, these past few months I hardly did anything at work on most days. While some people wouldn't mind taking home their pay at the end of the month doing nothing, I for once couldn't live like that. For one thing, there would be one less person to pay and worry about in the company's pay roll. Also, I felt quite dispensable unlike some other people in some department. Me leaving won't be noticed much I'm sure.

After tendering my resignation letter last month, I have now come to my last day of work here. I do hope my soon to be former employer and colleagues would understand my decision. This is not about loyalty or abandoning the ship when times are hard. It's about taking my life to greater heights, exploring new opportunities in my career and providing my family with better things in life. I'm sure you would understand and would do pretty much the same thing if you're in my position.

To be honest, if I could have it my way I would rather stay here than start afresh at a different and foreign place. I like the familiarity and I'm already comfortable with my current line of work. The new job that I'll be starting next week is a whole new field for me. But that's life. Sometimes you had to make difficult and tough decisions. Sometimes you had to come out of your comfort zone and brave yourself for new challenges. I'm sure there will be risks and who knows I might not even make it at the new place. Or I would do so much better there. Well, everything in life has it pros and cons. Everybody fails sometimes but not even trying is even worse than failing. I want to give this a try.

B3-G-22 is where I spent close to 5 years of my life working at and making the decision to leave this place for somewhere new was never going to be easy. I started out from almost zero here and over the years I had learned so much about work, friendship and life in general. The good, the bad times and all the unforgettable memories, I shall cherish forever in my heart.

Forgive me for all my mistakes and if I had ever purposely or inadvertently hurt you guys. I am only human. Au revoir B3-G-22, goodbye morning briefings, goodbye Mickey in the pantry, goodbye friends, goodbye Boss, goodbye miss secretary, I will miss you all.