Bumbu Bali, Puchong

Bumbu Bali is a world famous Balinese cooking school on the island of Bali, Indonesia. You can find cookbooks at many book store featuring recipes from that school.

This Bumbu Bali place that I went to today is a Balinese themed restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong which has no connection whatsoever with the school in Bali. For your info, bumbu in Malay means herbs.

Actually I followed a colleague and a few clients for lunch today and we were looking for a good place to eat nearby. So I casually suggested Secret Recipe and then suddenly everybody started to laugh. They thought I was kidding. Apparently Secret Recipe is not expensive enough to treat your very important clients.

My drink for today is this delicious banana milkshake. RM9.00.

I have never been to this place so I have no clue what's good here. To be safe I decided to try a little bit of everything hence this Bali Trio meal which is basically barbecue chicken wings with fried calamari and sate lilit (satay wrapped around lemongrass). The chilli dipping is extra spicy just the way I like and they also serve mayonaise and that other dipping which I didn't try. RM45.00.

My friend had this nasi campur Bali which is Bali style fried chicken and rice and that thing at the bottom. RM28.00.

This is siap mepanggang (I think) which is really roasted lamb with rice. RM24.00.

Having western food like this chicken pasta in a Balinese restaurant is a crime really. RM16.50.

For desserts, we had this pisang bakar which is basically banana caramel with ice cream. No idea where that 'bakar' part came from. RM13.00.

Bumbu Bali opens everyday from 11:00 am till late. The two-storey restaurant has a really nice Balinese style deco and the ambience is quite cool & relaxing. No air-conditioner in here and yet you don't feel the heat from outside.

However the Balinese background music can sound a little bit mundane after a while.

If you don't get a heart attack from all the sinfully delicious and cholesterol-laden food, perhaps the bill would. Lunch for four will cost you something around RM215.00. That's an average of RM50.00 per person for an average meal set. Even having a cute manager who looked like Fazura couldn't help ease the pain. Bumbu Bali is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor. This place is run by Eddy and his wife from Bali (so they say).