Casa Riana Family Day

Last weekend we had a little family day here in Casa Riana apartment where I live. It was organized by the Joint Management Board members and the cool people of Casa Riana.

Like any Family Day, we had fun & games and many activities throughout the day. In the morning we started off with a coloring contest and then some games for the children.

Most of the kids were very eager to participate in the games. So much that we didn't have enough places for everyone.

One thing for sure, my neighbors took this Family Day games seriously. Looking at their competitiveness it's like they're playing in the Olympics or something. Nevermind that the prizes are some hampers or usually some cheap plastic containers.

But that's okay. From another perspective it shows that the people of Casa Riana are generally very sporting and supportive of communal activities such as these.

In the evening we had a little karaoke singing contest. My heart yearns to join this contest and sing in front of everybody but my mind said "are you kidding me? In front of all those judgemental people? I'd rather die and go to heaven!".

In the end I just sat there enjoying the show with my neighbors. Some of the contestant were quite good actually but the others are mostly crap. There's a reason why most of us don't sing for a living. Still I must say at least they've got balls to be singing in public.

We also had some barbecue dinner on the park courtesy of the organizer and the sponsors. Of course since there were so many of us, we could only sample a little bit of the chicken each. Still since we didn't contribute a single cent to the event, we couldn't complain.

I must commend the organizer and the committee members for their hard work and effort to make this inaugral Family Day a success. It's nice to see my neighbors getting to know each other since in normal circumstances we barely have time to say hi to each other. I hope the committee would organize more activities like this in the future so that the citizens of Casa Riana would become one harmony & close-knit community.

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