Klana Beach Resort

Yesterday my family and I went for a weekend getaway in Port Dickson. It feels like we haven't gone for a holiday for ourselves in ages. Of course we do visit our in laws in Manjung or go back home to Tanah Merah from time to time but that definitely doesn't count as a holiday. It's about time too because despite the generous bonus that my wife received from her company, she's almost driven crazy from work.

Why Port Dickson? Because it is near, less than a hundred kilometers from home and the accommodation rate is still affordable. I searched online for a few hotel and many of them were fully booked except a few less-known hotels like Klana Beach Resort. Situated a few meters behind the imposing Ancasa Resort, Klana Beach Resort offers a range affordable rooms from as low as RM226.00 overnight.

Naturally I chose the cheapest room available since on their website, the room looks big enough for all of us. The reality is, the picture that we saw was the Deluxe Double Seaview which is the most expensive room there. The Superior Gardenview that we booked was quite small but still could fit all 5 of us with little room left. Well, you don't pay pennies and expect a 5 star treatment do you?

Check in time was 3:00 PM although we managed to get in about an hour early. We were greeted with continuous nasyid music in the background as we got there, not that I'm complaining or anything. We had to pay for the room well in advance before we get the keys. The room is clean and nice although the were scribble marks on some parts of the wall thanks to some budding young artist who previously stayed there I presume. During our stay, the swimming pool were closed for some reason. The beach is right in front of the hotel but it is filled with rocks and an unfortunate sewer pipe which deposits most of Port Dickson's waste into the sea. Sure there's a stretch of sandy beach next to it but who in their right mind would want to bathe there? Quite a lot actually. Maybe they just pretend not to see the pipes.

In the end we had to drive a few kilometers south to Tanjung Biru beach. This particular beach is not exactly spotless clean but we did managed to find a secluded spot which is not too dirty to hang out at. Next time remind us to just stick to the popular and tested Teluk Kemang beach.

Right opposite the hotel is the Baitul Hilal Observatory. There's not much to see there though and I was too tired to climb up the stairs to the top of the observation tower.

As with all hotels, food was expensive so we head out to town to grab something to eat for dinner. A few friends suggested Cowboy's Place at the 6th mile of Jalan Pantai. They serve some decent barbecue chicken with steam rice and drinks for a low price of 5 ringgit.

The next morning we get complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 at their cafe. Our 5 & 2 years old get to eat for free but we had to fork out an extra 15 ringgit for our 9 year old. Breakfast was generally good although I find their tea to be a little bit cold for my liking. I would suggest this place for everyone. And that's about it. You can learn more about Klana Beach Resort or book your room from their website.

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