Columbia Asia Hospital

A few weeks ago my wife contracted dengue fever and had to be warded for a few days at the hospital. Usually we would go to one of the KPJ Healthcare or Pantai hospitals in Kajang or Cheras. This time however we decided to try out Columbia Asia Hospital which is situated in nearby Puchong.

Actually this is our second visit to the hospital. Our first was when my son sprained his feet and had to undergo further examination, X-ray and all. Admission took a fairly long time, not unlike other private hospitals but definitely not as long as government hospitals though. Facilities-wise, Columbia Asia is not bad - comparable to KPJ but nothing like Pantai which still holds the title for the most modern and comfortable hospital to stay at. That said, the TV in every room surely needs some improvement. Instead of a decent LCD TV, they had this lousy 15" LCD monitor hooked to cable TV with horrible reception and sound.

The doctor here is okay. Knows what they're doing. The nurses and patient-care however was a bit below par I should take. Unlike in KPJ or Pantai, the nurse here comes to see and check on you like once every 3-4 hours. Hospital food choice is rather limited and they were not as good as previous hospitals we went to. The cafeteria is okay, just as expensive as other hospital cafeterias but at least the food was good.

My wife shared her room with another patient and for 2 person rooms for adults they wouldn't let anybody stay overnight. As much as I'd like to keep my wife company, I don't really fancy sleeping on the tiny chair or worse, the hospital floor again so it's probably for the best.

Columbia Asia offers some of the most affordable rates for a private hospital. You get a comfortable two-person shared room for just RM150 a day. Of course all of my wife's expenses at the hospital were paid for by her employer so cost was not an issue. But if you don't happen to buy any insurance, you might want to consider this relatively affordable hospital in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

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