CIMB Kwik Account

Like many hip people today, I do some online shopping sometimes. Not only there are more variety of items to choose from, most online retailers offer better price and greater discount compared to traditional stores. While some websites allow you to pay through your bank account, others will accept only credit card payment or payment merchants such as PayPal. So how do you pay without a credit card in hand? Pay using a debit card of course!

There are dozens of banks and debit cards available in the market but I prefer to use CIMB bank's Kwik account. With a Kwik account, you can use it to pay for online purchase or transfer and receive money using various means to anywhere in the world. I use my Kwik account primarily for online shopping. It works just like a debit or credit card whereby you get a 12 digit number and a CCV code which you can use for any online transactions. Apart from shopping, I also use my Kwik account to buy apps from Apple's App Store or Google Play Store and you even get rebates from CIMB during this promotion period. The possibilities are endless.

If you'd like a real debit card, you can always apply for the Kwik Card which is a physical debit card from your Kwik account and use it in any retail outlets. The card will cost you 10 ringgit but for the convenience, it's more than worth it. The CIMB Kwik account is great if you want to create a separate account from your regular savings or current account to do online shopping or payment and for added security. To learn more about CIMB Kwik and how to apply online, head on to their website now.

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  2. Yup me too have been kwik'ed... Something to stop my credit card spending... Spend when you can afford it...Hehehe. So I terminate my credit card... and start using this.

  3. Kwik still can be used with pay pal? called CIMB customer services, one said any transctions via pay pal are block until further notice, another one said kiwk still ok with pay pal. But tried to linked my kwik card with pal pal today but failed.