Bukit Broga hike

If you're really new to hiking, there's no better hill to climb than Bukit Broga in Semenyih, south of Selangor. Located just a few kilometers away from University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus, Bukit Broga is both accessible and easy to climb.

I brought my wife for her first climb there. We started very early in the morning, 5:00 AM to be exact meaning to catch the sunrise on top of the hill. Unfortunately we arrived to early in Semenyih, after taking the Kajang highway. So we stopped at the Petronas station just before the junction to Broga and University of Nottingham. It's the last place where you'll get a decent toilet and a place to pray.

From the college, you go straight about 5 kilometers more and then you won't miss the palm oil plantation on your left with hundreds of cars parked within the plantation. Parking fees is 2 ringgit plus you pay 1 ringgit more if you want to use the toilet. Since we arrived before sunrise, the entire place is still dark so it is wise to bring a headlamp or at least a torchlight to see the way.

Compared to all my previous hikes, Broga is the easiest of them all. From the palm oil plantation there is a gradual climb towards the foot of the hill which is very easy and not steep at all. From the foot of the hill however, the ascend started to be more steep and sometimes you had to be on all four to climb. This is where beginners began to face a little bit of difficulties especially if you're not fit. But still having seen kids as young as 6 make their way to the top, you'd be ashamed of yourself if you didn't finish the climb.

The hike from the main gate to the first peak usually takes about half an hour depending on your pace. We didn't get to see much sunrise from there since the sun is hidden behind the other hill range that dotted the landscape. Perhaps we should come during sunset instead next time.

The second and actual peak of Bukit Broga is about 200 meters away from the first peak and it's quite easy to climb. You either climb the rope hanging between the big rocks or you could also walk your way around the rock to reach the peak.

Although just 400 meters high, Bukit Broga still provides a memorable hike especially for beginners. For more experienced hikers or climbers, the hill still provide breathtaking view and a very picturesque setting for photographers. I can't literally stop snapping for pictures at the top and they were all really beautiful. If Broga is too easy for you, you might wanna hike 3 kilometers further to Gunung Tok Wan which is slightly more challenging.

The place is kinda too mainstream now for hikers and it is literally packed with people during weekends. If possible, you might want to come on weekdays or at least very early during weekends to avoid the crowd.

Bring along at least 2 liters of water and some food to munch along the way. It is advisable to eat something before the hike so that you'll have the energy required for the journey. It is really not a good idea to do any hiking with an empty stomach. I know, I tried. Bukit Broga is the perfect destination for hiking beginners and I would recommend you climb the hill at least once in your life time.

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