Tune Talk turns 5

I've been a Tune Talk subscribers for 2 years now and I must say I've been a very satisfied customer. Sure I'm still waiting for them to offer unlimited mobile Internet like UMobile and I regularly nag their CEO and Twitter account for this but no luck so far. Coverage and data plan-wise, they've been above expectation. Many times when my Umobile line failed to get 3G connection outside the city, my other Tune Talk line come to the rescue. For a prepaid mobile telco, their coverage is the best aside from the big names like Celcom and Maxis of course.

This year Tune Talk turns 5 years old. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their MMA (mixed martial art) event in Paradigm Mall recently. I'm not really into boxing or any kind of sport that involves people beating the heck out of each other but since it's free I thought why not. Besides, the marketing assistant manager said there were a surprise waiting for me if I come. That surprise better be good and make it worth my while.

So I brought Adam to Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya that hot afternoon. I met the PR people and were given VIP passes to sit next to the stage. The event was held in center court anyway so anybody can see but stage side seats are a bit more special since it's closer. The fight themselves were cool. I can see clearly every punch and kick flying in. Mid way through the event the boxing girl suddenly held up a placard showing my name. Next thing I know I were invited on stage and were given a brand new iPhone 5S by Tune Talk's CEO, Jason Lo. He quietly whispered "don't be so hard on us ah after this" while giving out the phone. After that they treated me with some free Fish & Co lunch and we left the mall shortly after.

I know beforehand they were giving out free iPhones to random customers a few days before but I never dreamed that I could be one of the lucky one. So thank you very much Tune Talk. You've just made me a life-long subscriber. Congrats on your fifth anniversary. Same gift next year? :-)

You can skip to 1:48 of the video.

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