Gunung Tok Wan hike

Did I tell you before that this blog is all about my things that I care about in my life and stuff that I'm passionate about? Well my current passion is hiking and climbing so you're going to see a lot of hiking and climbing posts right here.

My son has been nagging me to let him follow me to one of my hikes since forever. But since I don't think he's ready to follow us to any of those long 4-5 hours hike yet I had to say no each time and promised him someday we'll bring him along to Broga or something. So during the Malaysia Day holiday on September 16th, I had the chance to finally bring my kid to Broga and hopefully to Gunung Tok Wan further back if he can take it.

We left home early as always but not early enough because by 7 o'clock the road leading to Broga was actually jam packed with traffic, imagine that. A lot of people were actually doing outdoor activities for a change! The regular entrance to Broga was really crowded that we didn't get to park at the usual spot inside the palm oil plantation. Instead we had to park further along by the roadside, not that I'm complaining. We actually came there to hike so a few hundred meters more walking shouldn't be a problem. Plus, saved me 2 ringgit parking fees.

As expected, the entire hike to Bukit Broga was lined up with people. So crowded that the place looks more like Mid Valley Megamall during a sale than a hiking spot. I know climbing Broga is really mainstream now but I never expected to see so many people that day.

That said, I can't really do anything about the crowd. Can't really tell them to go away or anything. So we just go with the flow. I'm sure many of them are beginners and first timers like my kid here. The hike up to Broga was easy enough even for 10 year old Adam Farihin. Besides I've seen even younger kids climbing Broga before.

We reached the summit in like 40 minutes. Had to wait in line to take a picture at the signboard at the peak. Not contend with climbing just Broga, I had to take my wife and kid to Gunung Tok Wan some 3 kilometers away.

Now going to Gunung Tok Wan is what you call a proper hike. Going through the bushes and trees with not a person in sight. I didn't notice the first sign that said 3 kilometers to Gunung Tok Wan so I was expecting a rather short hike to that place. Needless to say, 3 kilometers on a hilly terrain is like 9 kilometers on a flat surface. We had to go up and down a few hills before reaching the peak.

When you get to this rocks, you're about half-way through your hike.

Since there's rarely anybody else doing this trail, this place could get a little bit creepy at times.

We reached the summit of Gunung Tok Wan, 675 meters above sea level within 2 hours. Adam did okay I guess for the return trip. Sure he did complain a few times asking "are we there yet?" but apart from that he's quite good and adapt at hiking.

Gunung Tok Wan is one of those hill that you don't come for the view because there's nothing to see at the summit. Nothing except for trees all around you. That's why it's not as popular or glamorous as the Broga hills nearby.

Still for me it's not so much about the view but more about the climb and the experience. I want to be able to say "been there, done that". If my purpose of climbing is just about the view from the top, I should be quite disappointed a few times by now.

Yes Gunung Tok Wan is not as picturesque or breathtaking as some of the other hills that I climbed but it's still a challenge nevertheless. If you're tired of climbing the overpopulated Broga hill, I would recommend you to go a little bit further to that hill instead. There's ample rope marker along the way so there's little chance to you might get lost. Again since it's an almost 5 hours hike including Broga, you need to carry enough water (2 bottle should be ok) or else you'll get really thirsty on the way back.

To get to Gunung Tok Wan, hike up to Broga and proceed straight further according to this signboard behind the summit. Take somebody experienced if this is your first time.

Now that Adam Farihin finished his first ever hike/climb, I can actually bring him along for any of those moderately easy climbs after this. Welcome to the cool explorer's club son!

360° view from Gunung Tok Wan, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.

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