Hiking at FRIM

I vaguely remember the last time I went to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. I was very young then, pre-school perhaps. Anyway what I did remember was trees and bushes and maybe a small stream, that’s all. Ever since I migrated to KL I’ve always wanted to return to FRIM, see again how it’s like after all these years. Especially since I’m so into hiking and climbing right now. But somehow it was not until last week that I stepped my feet into the forest reserve again.

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology (Waze), we managed to find FRIM easily enough. Take the MRR2 to Kepong / Sungai Buloh, turn left at the Batu round about and drive straight until you see Taman Metropolitan Kepong. From there you can already see the FRIM signboard on your left. Entrance fee is RM6.00 per car (locals). You can park pretty much anywhere in the park, except on the staff parking maybe. It depends on where you want to go or what you want to do. Since we’re planning of taking the canopy walk, we parked near that entrance.

To go up the canopy walk, there’s a separate fee for visitors which is RM5.00 for local adults and RM1.00 for local children. The tickets can only be bought at the FRIM One Stop Centre (building 6) and not anywhere else so take note of that. The website says only 250 pax per day are allowed to go on the hanging bridge every day but I doubt they actually enforce them cause I see lots of people going up. The Canopy Walkway is located in the Bukit Lagong forest reserve. Where’s that? Easy enough, just walk a few steps to the mosque next to the One Stop Centre and go straight into the jungle pathway.

From the trail entrance you’ll have to walk about 1,000 meters to the foot of the hill where the canopy walkway is situated. Then you’ll climb up the little hill about 270 meters to the beginning of the canopy tree. Located 300 meters above sea level the canopy walkway spans about 150 meters and suspended between trees at 30 meters above ground. If you have tried Skytrex Adventure park, the canopy walkway is nothing to shout about. But still at a fraction of the price, you still get to experience a panoramic view of the forest and Kuala Lumpur area from a distance. Plus it’s not too scary for children and beginners (at climbing and hanging among trees).

But the canopy walkway is not the only attraction inside FRIM. There’s a few ethno-botanic gardens, traditional Malay house, a research gallery, several nature trails past some streams and waterfalls and also several picnic and camping area. You can find out more about these attractions on their official website. All in all, FRIM is a good place for getting in touch with nature. You can walk along one of the many trails, jog, mountain bike, picnic, camp or if you’re into photography there’s tonnes of beautiful things to capture. The trails are not too challenging and it’s a good place to introduce young children into hiking.

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