In pursuit of the perfect men’s sportswear

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If you’re into sports, the outdoors and fitness in general, you should attest to the importance of choosing the right fitness clothing for your activities. Be it working out in the gym, running in the park or even (and especially) hiking in the jungle or climbing up a mountain. You need the most appropriate attire for each occasion. When I first started out, I didn’t care much about my clothing line up but as I go along, I started to pay attention to my choice of clothing. Investing in some stylish and comfortable fitness clothing is the perfect motivation to keep me going. Here’s some tips to get the perfect men’s sportswear.

Try to avoid any rough fabrics as they could irritate your skin and cause discomfort to your body. Occasionally I will see people especially newbies showing up for a hike in their jeans which is a big no-no. Denim is quite a heavy fabric type and it will restrict your movement to say the least. Things will get worse when it rains because your jeans will be twice as heavy when it soak up the water. Get a fabric type that will let you move and does not constrain you. Pay attention to fit and than size as some fitness clothes tend to be smaller and more fitting that your regular clothes. You don’t want to wear something too loose or baggy because they will only slow you down. Always look for items that have a small percentage of spandex (yeah like those X-Men!) which is elastic, strong and durable compared to other fabrics. Spandex would allow for a greater range of motion during your exercise or workout and provides a comfortable fit without being too tight.

While it is perfectly fine to wear a regular, no brand clothing line let’s face it, you will feel a lot more confident if you wear an outfit that looks good on you. And you have to admit that only those big brand names that design the best looking and stylish fitness clothing. If you feel good about yourself, you will be inclined to exercise more (true story). Although trends change for fitness clothing all the time, the basics never go out of style. Add one ore more trendy pieces to your wardrobe but always keep your basic black or blue sports pants that are timeless!

Investing in some sports accessories is never a bad idea. Add a few stylish sports accessories to your outfit so you could pull that perfect metrosexual look. For example wear a sports watch (GPS-enabled would be cool), a baseball cap or a pair of sunnies for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Last but not least, one of the most important attire for your workout or sports activities is of course your shoes. Choose the correct shoe for the right activity. Running in the gym or on the road requires a slightly different shoe sole. And you don’t want to wear the same shoe you use for running to run in the jungle or climb up a hill or mountain because they don’t offer much grip like hiking shoes do. Get yourself a pair of the right sports shoe for the right occasion. You will be more comfortable it in, improves your safety and look stylish at the same time. And where else could you get the perfect men’s sportswear at unbeatable prices? At Zalora of course!

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