Asus ZenPad C7.0 review

This is going to be a short review.

I was looking around for a tablet to give to my kids to play. It has to has at least 16GB of ROM, 7” display and 3G connectivity is a bonus. Of course the most important criteria is, it has to be cheap - Sub 500 ringgit to be exact. So as usual I scoured around and read numerous reviews for tablets and stumbled upon the Asus ZenPad C7.0. The specs ticks all of my criteria above and at just RM450 for a second hand unit it didn’t take me long to get one.

Design-wise the ZenPad sports a stylish chrome-effect trim and a nice textured back for a firm grip. But that’s where the nice things end. The ZenPad is painfully slow. I mean the UI is sluggish and most of the apps load ever so slowly. Forget about playing graphic-intensive games, even 2D games like Angry Birds and Subway Surfer took some time to load. The sound is nothing to shout about, can’t open the volume all the way to the max cause the sound will distort. And the camera, let’s just say my old iPhone 4 takes a whole lot better pictures than the ZenPad.

This is not my first Asus tablet though because that honour goes to the Asus Nexus 7, my very first ever Android tablet. However the Nexus 7 live was short-lived and it became an expensive place mat even before its first anniversary. I should have known better than to buy another Asus product after that but for 450 ringgit, it was all that I can afford at the moment. Besides, the kids use it mainly for watching YouTube videos anyway so this crappy Asus tablet will do. Hopefully this will be my last Asus product ever. Once bitten, twice shy.

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