How to catch Pokemons like a pro with PokeBot Ninja

As you have already known, the location-based augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Pokemon Go is released gradually to select countries around the world, starting with Australia, New Zealand and the United States. This is followed by Europe, central and south America, Japan and finally most of south east Asia. However due to the game’s tremendous popularity, people have been trying to play the game even before their official release. Pokemon Go is a location-based game and it uses a mobile device’s GPS capability to capture Pokemons. So how does one play Pokemon Go when the game is not officially available in their country? GPS spoofing of course.

There are a few ways to allow you to play Pokemon Go virtually anywhere in the world. Some uses a GPS spoofing hack on their mobile phone, others use a bot program which harvest Pokestops and catch Pokemons automatically from their computer. The former is more labour-intensive yet fun but the latter is a lot more productive. So here I’m going to teach you how to catch Pokemons in Pokemon Go like a pro without leaving your desk using PokeBot Ninja.

First of all you (obviously) need to have either a Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account created from the Pokemon Go game. Then you need to download the PokeBot Ninja program from the creator’s website. The program is written using the Java programming language so you need to have Java or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. The good thing about Java is it’s cross-platform meaning you can play it on Windows, Mac or even Linux as long as you have JRE installed. If you don’t already have Java installed, download and install it from this website.

Once you’re done installing Java, you can now download PokeBot Ninja from the creator’s website. The guy spend countless days and energy programming the hack so if you can afford it, give him a few dollars as a token of your appreciation. In the PokeBot Ninja folder that you just downloaded, you will usually find two files, namely PokeBotNinja.jar and ninja.json. Double click the jar file and you will see this login screen. If something else appears instead or nothing happens, you probably still don't have Java installed on your computer.

You can either login with your Google Account or Pokemon Trainers Club credentials. Once you’re in, you will be presented with this interface.

Before you go botting for Pokemons, you will have to decide where you want to do the catching. This is because you need to enter the exact coordinates - latitude and longitude into the program. To do this you will need to open the location on Google Maps. For example I want to catch Pokemons at KLCC Park so I just search for "KLCC Park" in Google Maps.

Now that I have the general location of the park, I will need the exact coordinates. To get that I have to right click somewhere in the middle of the map and click What’s here. This will show you the coordinates of the location and you just click on the longitude and latitude down there.

Next on the PokeBot Ninja program, enter the exact longitude and latitude you looked for previously in their respective boxes. Other options you can select is whether you want to catch Pokemons, rob Pokestops and auto-incubate eggs. I will usually leave the walking speed as it is (3m/s) because that’s normally how fast humans walk. You can also set the program to auto-transfer Pokemons under certain CP or IV percentage to the professor for candies. After you have set all your preferred settings, it's time to let the program do all the hard work for you. Click the Start catching button and watch the status box where the bot will do all the catching and robbing for you effortlessly before your very eyes. Before you click the Start catching button though, remember to sign out or at least force close the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone so that you don’t have 2 instance of the game running at once. That might break the game or worse get you banned. Every Pokemon, Pokeballs, potions and other items that the bot catches will by synced with the mobile game on your phone.

After you’ve done a few hours of botting, you will soon find your inventory full. There’s a limit of how many Pokeballs, potions and other stuff that you can keep at any one time which is 350 items. You can control how many Pokeballs and items you want to keep or drop and whether you want to evolve or transfer Pokemons with the Manage inventory screen. Usually I will clear out a few dozen Pokeballs and potions to make room in my inventory for the next botting session.

Likewise you can evolve, transfer or power up your Pokemons from within the program.

As you can see, PokeBot Ninja is an easy but powerful program to catch Pokemons without leaving your home. However since this program violates the game’s terms and conditions and is generally considered cheating, there’s a good chance your account might get banned by the game’s developer, Niantic if you are not careful with your setting and locations. Here’s a few tips on how to use PokeBot Ninja successfully without getting banned or at least not so quickly.

1. Always-always remember to sign out of force close the game on your mobile phone. Running two instances of the game at once will raise suspicion of cheating from Niantic.

2. Bot like a normal human being does, do not teleport. If you have just finished botting in Kuala Lumpur for example, do not immediately enter another coordinates a thousand miles away like Sydney or Tokyo. Wait a few hours or even days before you start botting in another country or far away locations. I usually wait at least half an hour before moving across different zip codes so not to raise suspicion.

3. Avoid botting for long hours on end because no normal human being does that. I usually keep my botting session 3 consecutive hours max and not more than 6–7 hours per day.

4. Set the walking speed no faster than 3 meters per second.

5. Keep tabs on the number of Pokemon caught and Pokestops robbed per day as not to raise suspicion. I usually keep my Pokemon catch below 500 and Pokestops robbed below 1000 per 24 hours just to keep it safe.

6. You will be tempted to fight at a gym. Do so at your own risk especially if you are Level 20 and above. Some trainers might be suspicious and snitch on you to Niantic to get you banned. Although the likelihood of that happening is slim it is still a possibility. Once Niantic started scrutinising your game log they might get suspicious and end up banning you. Of course you can do the same and report the opposite trainer but there’s always a chance he or she got to their level the legit way. It’s all up to luck.

7. If you are botting overseas, make sure the country that you're going do actually have Pokemon Go released there. I attempted doing a Pokemon Go world tour by visiting one Asian country after another but forgot that China doesn't have the game released there and also Google Maps is totally blocked in the country. Furthermore from my short experience of botting overseas, they usually stop working after the first few minutes so I won't bother anymore from then on.

8. As you can see, much of the tips above are just common sense. Give no reason for Niantic to suspect that your account is botting. Set your settings and sessions as human-like as possible. Avoid teleporting and botting too many hours between sessions. If Niantic suddenly detects something shady going on with your Pokemon Go account they might softban you first before giving out a permanent ban. If you are softbanned, you may not be able to find any Pokemons anywhere or when you rob a Pokestop, you won’t get any Pokeballs or potions. This softban might last a few hours max. A permanent ban is where they send you an email saying you have violated the game’s terms and your account have been terminated. If you missed the email but you suddenly find yourself locked out of your Pokemon Go account then you can be sure that you have been banned permanently.

Is this cheating? Absolutely. But let’s face it, not everybody has the luxury to visit crowded malls and parks all the time. In fact I used to do exactly that before I found out about PokeBot Ninja. I also used to open Pokemon Go app and look for Pokemons and Pokestops while driving (albeit slowly) which is clearly dangerous to say the least. Now I can catch Pokemons from the comfort of my living room. I have gone from Level 1 to Level 24 in less than a week. Sure there’s no telling when Niantic will find a way to block such hack or program as they did with previous hacking programs. But as of now, it’s still working flawlessly and the programmer had outed the 38th version of the game, each with better improvement. Pokemon Go is surely a fun and addictive game to play and you can double the fun with a program like PokeBot Ninja. Just take the necessary precautions and you’ll be levelling up and catching/hatching those rare Pokemons in no time.

Coming soon in my next post - the top 20 locations with the most Pokemons and Pokestops in the Klang Valley.


As of today, 27th September 2016 PokeBot Ninja no longer works after the latest Pokemon Go update. I'm sure the developer is working hard to crack the game again but until then... :(

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