Top of the class

Like any other year 6 students in his class, Adam studied hard for his UPSR exam which is the penultimate exam of his primary school life. He’s been burning the midnight oil, arranging study groups with his friends and attend a bi-weekly tuition class at school. He’s grouped in the smartest class in his year group and he regularly achieve top ten placing in his class during exams.

When the UPSR trial result came out though he only managed to score 5As out of 6. Of course this is just a trial and don’t necessarily determine the final result. So we encouraged Adam to try and improve his studies, especially the science subject which he got the single B for. Examination day finally came and Adam sit through his papers without any hitch.

Fast forward 2 months later, it’s D-Day. Like every other parent, we were nervous waiting for our child’s result. Will he do well? If he does not, will he be disappointed? We took a day off from work to collect the result at school. We waited in the hall for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore and logged-in online to check Adam’s result. He got 5As and 1B, the single B in science. As a parent we tried to be as supportive and understanding as we can. I know Adam must be disappointed with the result since we half-expected him to ace it.

When the announced the overall result, much to our surprise nobody in the entire school scored 6As. 12 people got 5As but no 6As at all. Later we found out due to the new paper format only 1.11% or 4,896 of the entire year 6 that year scored 6As. So basically Adam getting 5As and 1B is a feat in itself since 1.89% of those who sat for the paper managed to score that. Furthermore we heard you have to get 90 to 100 marks to get A hence why so few 6As.

In the end it was not all gloom and doom. Adam Farihin did quite well indeed considering all the facts. Besides, they’ve lowered the minimum requirement to get into SBP (boarding schools) to 3As and 3Bs so there’s still hope. Congratulations Adam, you made your parent proud.

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