The case for Webe mobile

A few months ago I posted a rave review about Digi’s postpaid plan. Back then it was the best, value for money postpaid plan there is (imo that is). Fast forward to October, I came across this new telco called Webe who offered unlimited Internet, call and SMS for only RM79 (before GST). Basically unlimited everything for 11 ringgit more than my current Digi postpaid plan at that time. Usually if somebody came up with something that’s too good to be true, there’s usually a catch. So what’s the catch here?

As it turn out the catch is, you need to be a TM customer to enjoy the big discount. The normal subscription rate for Webe mobile’s unlimited everything plan is RM199. If you’re a TM customer, i.e Unifi/Streamyx/P1, you get a 60 ringgit discount. Next, if you use your Webe SIM card with a Webe-certified phones - you get another 60 ringgit discount, meaning you only pay RM79 per month for as long as you’re still active with Webe. Now if you’re not an existing TM customer or you own a band 5 LTE smartphones (Webe-certified phones), RM199 is quite a steep price to pay for unlimited everything for the average user. Besides, you can’t tether your Webe line with a computer without first activating the hotspot pass which will cost you RM6 for 2 hours. This may sound silly since other telcos have no such restriction on tethering. But if you think about it, the other telcos don’t offer unlimited Internet with their plans so that sounds fair enough to me.

So being a long time Unifi subscriber myself plus my Webe-certified iPhone, this Webe plan suits me perfectly. Digi has been pretty generous with their 6+2 GB data plan before, not to mention their Music Freedom but compared to Webe’s unlimited everything, it’s a no brainer. Sure I’d wish they would throw in free 1 or 2 hours tethering for their customers in case of emergencies but who knows they might come up with that in the future?

What about their coverage? Webe is the incarnation of P1’s mobile division which was took over by TM. So Webe is utilising their LTE spectrum and has a good coverage in the big cities and urban areas like Klang Valley and the state capitals. For places without Webe coverage, they are utilising Celcom’s coverage which is already proven to be quite extensive. My real life experience has been good so far. I’ve got mostly 3G signal in some really rural areas in Langkawi and Kelantan. In fact during my 8 hours drive from KL to Kelantan, I’ve got almost uninterrupted Spotify music playing in my car save for 15-20 minutes when I got no service deep in the jungles of Gua Musang. Overall they’re quite reliable and consistent for a new telco and they just announced plans to upgrade their Internet speed up to 300Mbps by late next year.

Webe also came up with their iOS and Android app right after launch so customers can check their Webe bills, subscriptions or chat with their customer service straight from the app.

What’s more, they are currently running a promotion where anybody, whether you’re a TM customer or not to subscribe to their unlimited everything plan for only RM79 per month for as long as you stay active. And you don’t even need to use a Webe-certified phone too for this promotion. This promotion ends by the 31st of December so there’s still chance to sign-up or port your existing number to Webe if you’re interested. Honestly, RM79 for unlimited everything? If you don’t care about Internet tethering to your phone, it’s the perfect postpaid plan. You don’t have to worry about finishing your data quota ever again, watch and stream any video you like, listen to Spotify 24/7 and call and text any number for free. Sky’s the limit. For the full detail, terms and conditions, visit Webe’s official website now.

Believe it or not, this blog post is not sponsored or endorsed by Webe in any way. As always, if a product/service is good enough, I will feature it for free on my website.

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