10 things I hate about you

1. I hate it that your ministers dismissed talks of fuel hike and you yourself hinted that there will be no increase until August. Then BAMM!! You lied through your teeth yesterday and increased the fuel price by 40% and gave a few millions motorist in Malaysia less than 7 hours to fill up at petrol stations, creating chaos and massive traffic jams everywhere.

2. I hate it when you say that the price increase is inevitable since it's a global crisis when we were all aware that this country is a net exporter and the global oil price shouldn't have made much effect on local fuel prices cause we should have enough fuel for ourselves. And stop comparing us with oil importing countries like Thailand and Singapore, who do you take us for? Idiots? People in Thailand can own cheaper cars than we do and they don't have to pay road taxes and tolls. Singapore have the best public transportation system in South East Asia and they don't need to subsidize their fuel.

3. I hate it when you promised to improve the public transport last time you increased the fuel when you have obviously not. The buses is still far from reliable or punctual, the taxi drivers still refuses to use the meter and charge exorbitant rates as they please and the LRT and Komuter service is packed like sardines 6 days a week.

4. I hate it when you told the people to change their lifestyle when we can clearly see you and your party members have not change theirs. FYI most of us the common rakyat do go around town with a dozen police escort or live in lavish homes, jet set on government paid (read:people's money) planes and go holiday overseas with their wives every other month. What do they say? Lead by example? You should take a page out of our Tok Guru Nik Aziz's book. He's very afraid to use the people's money for his personal matters. Heck he even prayed in the dark at night at the mosque not wanting to waste on electricity bills. Now that's one leader we should all emulate.

5. I hate to know that we could have avoided all this mess if the government didn't waste billions of tax payer money on unnecessary projects (many of which turned into white elephants), pay overinflated price for family members and chronies plc and worked harder to promote transparency and eradicate graft bla bla bla.

6. I hate it that despite of all your flip-flop decision making, weak governance, gross incompetence and unfulfilled promises and other shortcomings, people in Perlis, Negeri, Malacca, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Sabah still vote your party into power. Okay, you people in the aforementioned states CAN NOT complain about the fuel price. You asked for it! I don't care how Anwar will do it, I just want the fuel price to go down dammit.

Yeah I know I said 10, still thinking of the next 4. Stay tuned.


  1. Well I have one to add to your list :

    I hate it when they {the govt} twist everything n 'sindir' us {the rakyat} by implying that NOW when the price of fuel goes up, rakyat will realise and appreciate what the govt has done all this while subsidising the oil price for us - wadaheck?!?!?!

    "Too long in comfort zone" my foot - "KUALA TERENGGANU: The steep hike in petrol prices is a reflection of the huge amount of subsidies spent by the government. "The people have been living too long in a comfort zone and the price hike teaches us to appreciate what the government has done for the people and not to become wasteful," said Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said." - NST

    as if it's from their own pocket $$$ or the billions they pocketed fr all the mega projects they benefited from.

    I tell u they r jus squeezing as much as they can from whatever our country has to offer, and when there's nothing left to squeeze, they will jus leave for their beautiful homes somewhere overseas with their millions n billions, and leave us here to take it from where they have left off. By that time, there will be nothing nil nada for us left, and we'll end up like indonesia n phillipines, where our children will have to seek employment as maids overseas, and will most likely end up working in these ex-Msian govt b*st*rd's luxury homes in Europe, India, the US etc. Ironic? You think?!

  2. May I help?

    7) Hate it when you put the blame on everyone else except yerselves. Eg: Recent GE fiasco was due to BLOGGERS spreading lies & misinformation. Not because you are out of fooking touch with the rakyat.

    8) Hate it that despite rakyat's pleas to stop playing the race card you persist to use the issue of 'Ketuanan Melayu' to shit stir.

    9) Hate it when you keep appointing lazy, unqualified, cirrupted yes men in yer cabinet & as advisors eg Mat Taib, Nazri, etc.

    10) Hate it when we say no to space tourism, you start talking bout more space programmes. Fook off la you fooking bastards!!!!

    ps: Yo dude, am organising an informal get together fer some of us bloggers. 12 July 5pm @ Fatty Crab, Tmn Megah. How? Come la we talk cock bout Rafa's tactics etc.

  3. Wah I didn't know u guys also feel strongly about this!

    About that get together at Fatty Crab, sorry but I think I'll have to pass. No hard feelings kay?