New routine

Earlier this month my wife started working again after 2 months of maternity leave. Having a baby again sure changes our daily routine. Looking after a small child is a full time job and we have little time left for ourselves or to do anything else.

My wife usually woke up around 6 in the morning while I got up half an hour later. She already prepared the kid's stuff the night before but still there's much to do every morning. Adam had to wake up much earlier now that he had to shower and prepare himself before going to kindergarten. We tried to leave the house before 7:00 to avoid traffic. So far, traffic condition around Seri Kembangan is fairly smooth mainly because of the school holidays. Once school start, it'll be jam, jam, jam day in, day out. Sending both Adam and Mia to their nurseries took approximately 10 minutes and by 7:40 I said goodbye to wifey at the Sungai Besi LRT station. After that I drove straight to Sri Serdang to get my regular breakfast fix from Kak Na's stall except on Mondays when they're closed. If Kak Na is closed, I will get my breakfast from the Kakak's stall in front of the Ruselia flats instead. I arrived at my office at Bandar Putra Permai around 8-ish and usually I will eat my breakfast at restoran Nizam nearby.

Since Fiza left last month, I was tasked to do the daily data center check up. It's not that hard to do but after a while it became quite tedious. I have to make sure everything is up and running, report any problems that arise and do all the necessary backups. Then only I can fired up my notebook or PC to check my e-mails. After that I'm off to do my job all over Klang Valley but mostly in Shah Alam vicinity.
Our new kindergarten and nursery operates from 6:30 AM till 6:30 PM. If we pick up our kids later than that we have to pay for overtime amounting to 3 ringgit per hour. That's why I always try to finish my job around 5-ish and pick up my kids before the 6:30 deadline whenever possible. Once I picked up my kids, I usually have little time to do anything else. My wife normally works until 8 or 9 in the evening. Yeah her boss still make her do overtime almost everyday despite her permanent status. At home, I had to bath both of my kids, change them into their evening clothes and feed them dinner. Then I wait till my wife call me to pick her up at the train station. We only got home around 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening. Only then I can chill for a while before I retire to bed. Sigh, nobody told me being a parent is so tiring.


  1. wht an affectionate father u are :)
    sometimes in a marriage we need to give and take.

  2. Just you wait till yer little girl hits 18 & you see all sorts of vagabonds hanging around yer house . . .

    If yer not already bald, me assures you will be by then . . .

    ps: How? CSKA Moscow kacau with 40m bid fer Torres?