Liverpool means business

Liverpool 2 - 1 Middlesbrough
To be honest, I thought it was a nearly, totally crappy game. Boro dominated much of the match and if that Mido goal inflicted our first defeat of the season, we totally deserved it. And then BAM!! It couldn't get more dramatic than tonight's final result
I refuse to say Lady Luck smiled upon us or any of those sheet because luck didn't play any part at all in tonight's win. They worked hard and the lads didn't give up hope especially in the dying minutes of the game. Okay maybe that Carragher goal which took a huge deflection was a bit lucky but Gerrard's winner was an absolute screamer!
Frankly, I'd be content if we just drew but the boys in red didn't think so. Tonight they've send out the message that Liverpool FC really mean business this time and nothing other than bringing home number 19 would do this season. Two down and 36 to go. The future looks bright and the future is RED.


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  1. Hmmmmmm . . . The Liege game was another crappy performance. Wonder what are the odds fer Gareth Fooking Barry to score against us tomorrow?

    Happy Independence Day.