Turn your Linux into Mac OS X

Mac4Lin is an open source project with the goal of bringing the user interface of Mac OS X to GNU/Linux and UNIX-System like Operating Systems. Apart from changing your Windows to look like a Mac and installing Mac OS on an Intel-based pc you can also transform your fave Linux distro to look like a Mac.
Here I have successfully transformed my Ubuntu Hardy Heron to resemble a Mac. Of course it's not perfect yet because I still can't get the Avant-Window-Navigator (AWN) dock to work but everything else is pretty similar to the real thing. The installation is very straight forward and not so difficult to do. Just download the required files at the project page and if you follow the documentations properly it will be done in under 30 minutes.
Yup, I've done everything to make my Linux and Windows systems to look like a Mac except buying the real thing. That will happen the day a Mac computer goes below the 2000 ringgit price tag. Amen to that!

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