August: Buy a car month

You might know this but last month was the unofficial buy a car month in Malaysia. Why? Well 3 people in my company bought their new cars last month alone.

First my boss bought a shiny new 2.4 litre black Toyota Camry. In case you haven't noticed already, black is my company's official vehicle colour. Well, that what I think.
I get to ride (on the passenger side) this car last week and like all new cars, it felt really good and smooth. Not as bumpy as the Sorento definitely. I'm gonna miss those Equestrian days ha ha! My boss has only one complain though. The windscreen made quite some noise during rain. I can't believe the Toyoto engineers missed that during R&D. What to do lor, bought already :)

Next my colleague Pijoi (might be his real name) also bought a new car last month. A Proton Saga BLM, you know the new model. Previously he'd been riding on his bike everywhere but since he got a raise earlier this year, he decided to get a car for himself.
One week after purchasing the car, he changed all his tires and sports 4 shiny new sport rims. Whoa, I had my car for 2 years but I still use my crooked original rims. Then again if it makes him happy, why not? Besides, chicks nowadays only dig guys with a proper ride, not just some common Mat Rempit (where got class one). Some more, the more you pimp your car, the easier it is to hitch those chicks. Trust me Pijoi, soon you'll have more chicks than KFC !! Just remember to pay your car installment and credit card bill before the due date arr or Suzen (refer Bujal) will start calling you up every month.

Lastly my friend Mr. Shrek err I mean Mr. Bujal bought himself a brand new Proton Persona. Persona beb, don't prey-prey wan! So now we cannot make fun of his old Kancil anymore, damn. I think it's about time too. It's not like Bujal can't afford it or anything. Previously he's been saving his money to buy a rocket.
I haven't got the chance to ride his new car yet. Heck Bujal won't even let me anywhere near his car (he told me to keep a 10 meter radius). So action wan. Owh I get it. Nobody rides his car until he took his girlfriend out first. Now I get it. Whateverlah dude, if it makes you happy then I'm happy for you. So now you can bring Suzen for a date at Alamanda again lah eh? (wink-wink!).


  1. Irwan (MapGuide Guy) upstairs also got himself a brand new Persona just after Bujal got his. I've been using 2nd hand cars all my life. Damn, when will I be able to buy a brand new car? hehe..

  2. Oh yeah I forgot about that.

    Someday la dude, maybe on your 10th bonus ha ha!