My camera is like better than yours

Meet my new camera: the Kodak EasyShare M753.

7.0 mega-pixel
3x optical zoom
1250 ISO
Digital image stabilization
HD still capture
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Actually my camera's colour is like the second photo, yup the fugly copper colour one. I bought it online at for RM309 (1GB SD Card+shipping). It is a demo set hence the cheap price but where else can you get a digital camera for RM270? <-- that's my winning bid.

What I like about this camera:
  • 7 mega-pixel and big 2.5" LCD screen
  • Digital image stabilization so no more blurry photos
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery which makes the camera much lighter
  • High ISO (up to 1250) so I can take pictures in the dark
What I don't like about this camera:
  • The colour is ugly, period.
  • External charger is not included so I have to find a PC whenever I want to charge it
  • Zooming in and out while taking video is not very smooth
  • Startup time is slow, about 2 seconds. My late Nikon L10 took only a second to start.
Okaylah maybe your camera is still better than mine but for RM270 it's a steal. This is also the first time I ever buy anything online and so far it's been quite a pleasant experience. I pay the price, wait for 2 days and the good arrives at my doorstep via Pos Laju some more. Next time I wanna buy anything I'll definitely check on first. It's a great place to buy cheap, below the market price goods from computers, cameras, hand phones and everything under the sun. It's relatively safe to shop there but remember to use your common sense a bit lah. Always buy from a verified and established seller with good feedbacks and track record. Remember to register first and happy shopping!

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