How to renew GDL license

This is a general guide on who to renew your GDL (Goods Driver License) / Lesen Vokasional in Malaysia.

First go to the Road Transport Dept (JPJ) website and download the JPJL8 form needed to apply/renew your license. You can also download the form from this direct link here.
Fill up all your details in the form except for the Akuan Doktor part. Then go find a clinic and get the doctor to do some basic eye-sight and blood pressure test to testify that you're fit to drive. The doctor will fill up the Akuan Doktor part and give you an examination slip. The normal charge for this examination is RM15.00. Anything more than you've just been ripped off.
Once the doctor finds you fit, head to the nearest state JPJ office. Don't go to the JPJ HQ in Putrajaya. They don't entertain minor cases like license renewal. Go to Selangor's JPJ office in Padang Jawa or KL's office in Wangsa Maju. I choose Padang Jawa cause it's the easiest to go. Just take the Federal Highway from KL heading to Shah Alam and don't stop until you see the Padang Jawa exit on your left after Shah Alam city.
Go the customer service counter and ask for the driver's license counter. Or you can skip that take the stairs on your left to the first floor and find Pintu 6 (door 6).
Take a number and wait for your turn. I went on a Tuesday and it took me just 10 minutes to get my license renewed. Hand over the JPJL8 form and pay RM20.00 for the license. And that's it your done! Remember to pay the parking ticket (RM2:00 first hour) on your way out.