If I become the Prime Minister...

I'm tired of waiting for Dato' Seri Anwar to take over the government. Honestly, all he has done so far is talk-talk-talk, claim this, promise that bla bla bla. I want to see some action, I want to see it NOW! Should it be by some divine intervention that I be appointed as the Prime Minister tomorrow, here's what I would do.

1. Abolish ISA, Sedition Act, Printing Press Act, OSA, AUKU and all oppressive and obsolete acts.

2. Release all ISA detainees and wrongfully detained political activists/blogger.

3. Reform the judiciary, police force, ACA and the public service department.

4. Ensure a free and fair election in the future.

5. Replace the NEP with something that will benefit all Malaysians regardless of race.

6. Demolish our part of the causeway and build a crooked bridge to Singapore. Then I will review the water price supplied to them.

7. Build the second bridge and monorail in Penang then create a subway system in KL and LRT in Johore Bharu.

8. Ensure free and fair access for all parties to the mainstream media.

9. Abolish the AP system and remove protection for local car manufacturers.

10. Open up 20% of UiTM intake for non bumiputras (ha ha take that!).

11. Declare September 16 as a public holiday.

12. Remove monopoly in the telecommunication and energy industry (so long TM & TNB he he!).

13. Cancel all the mega corridors and other wasteful projects.

14. No more angkasawan project until hardcore poverty is eradicated and the economy is good.

15. Build a free university for all Malaysians in all states.

16. Supply computers for all classroom in the country using open-source software.

17. Guarantee the right to freedom of speech and expression and the right to peaceful assembly.

18. Free RM50 of electricity for domestic users.

19. Give back 40% of oil royalty to the states that produce them.

To be continued...


  1. Errrr....then from where will you derive the income?

  2. From my superb management of the economy and the influx of FDI who'd like to invest in my transparent government lor :)

  3. Easier said than done.. definitely you are the one who talk talk talk.. all these ideas a nothing but a repeat.. those what current PM didnt do and many other people suggested.. which one of these originally came from you?

    I would call you the most ambitious but also stupidest PM ever..

    ps : I am testing you if you can do no 17 first..

  4. Easy dude, I'm not the prime minister and I may never be. Those are just my ideas and dreams. No harm suggesting right?

  5. yes it is a repeat mostly but at least you have good intention. only most of the times, when we are outside, we dont quite see the reality. Once we get inside, we find it more complicated than it seems. looks at the actions and results of the pakatan rakyat newly conquered states and compared to the promises they made b4 the Election