Rip DVDs using VLC Media Player

So you've got a bunch of movie DVDs borrowed from a friend and you don't have time to watch it all in one go so what would you do? Save it (rip) to your hard drive for viewing later of course!

There are plenty of popular DVD-ripping software out there but here I'm going to teach you how to rip a DVD or VCD using the awesome VLC media player software.

First download and install VLC media player from their website here. It's open source, runs on multiple platforms and it plays just about every multimedia format available on the planet.
Run VLC and click the Open button. Follow the instructions above before selecting Settings to configure your video file. Remember not to set the volume to mute or low or otherwise your saved movie won't have any sound.
Next tick the appropriate options as shown above. Those are an ideal setting to save a fairly acceptable movie file. Feel free to experiment with different settings. Remember not to tick Play locally else the entire movie will play will you rip. Click Browse to choose where to save the movie file.
Type a file name ending with a .mpg extension. Click Save (step 10b) and click OK on the previous screen (step 11) to start ripping.
And that's it! Ripping time will depend on your pc speed and RAM size. Happy ripping :)


  1. That's a nice software... can use it to rip some of the dvds I borrowed. :)

  2. if i rip some cam quality video using VLC, the quality will be much nicer or not? :D

  3. Sure can Meehon :)

    Xahir: The quality will be just as good as the original depending on the codec that you select :D