LRT collision at Bukit Jalil

Maybe not many people know this but there was a minor collision between two STAR LRTs near Bukit Jalil earlier this evening. My wife happened to take the next train after the accident and her coach was stuck halfway between Sungai Besi and Bukit Jalil.
According to her there was a general confusion when the train stopped suddenly in the middle of its track and the air-conditioning and lights stopped working. About 20 minutes later there was an announcement by somebody through the P.A system saying that the train had broken down due to some technical malfunction. 10 minutes after that the doors were opened and everybody onboard were ordered to get out and walk to the Bukit Jalil station.

As you can see here the railway track is built quite high up from the walkway so the woman, pregnant and elderly passengers had some difficulty getting down from the train. Fortunately there were enough kind souls who helped everybody (including my wife) to get down safely to the walkway. God bless you guys.
Everybody had to walk slowly and carefully along the elevated railway and it took them more than 30 minutes to get to Bukit Jalil.
I waited for an hour for Linda to arrive and even then she had know idea what really happened because the LRT staff were quite secretive and refused to make any statement. Anyway I heard from people talking that one train got sidetracked and another train hit it from behind thus the minor collision. The atmosphere at the Bukit Jalil station was relatively calm although I saw several police patrol cars and two ambulances arriving. Perhaps because most of them were blissfully unaware of what's happening. We didn't hang around too see the victims or whatever cause it's already Maghrib and we were already late to pick up the kids.

I guess this is another test for us in this holy month of Ramadan. Actually my wife had already alighted at the Sungai Besi station before I told her to take the train to the next station at Bukit Jalil. If I had earlier told her to stop at Bukit Jalil instead, she could have been onboard the train that was involved with the accident. So while maybe she have had to walk all the way to Bukit Jalil, the important thing is she made it safe and sound.

*All photos were taken from my wife's hand phone.


  1. i can just imagine! and to think of it the company that manages this rail lin is boasting about ISO 9000 certification WTF, do they even know what ISO is all about?

    Next looming accident would be the monorail i'm sure it will just be a matter of time!!!...what is your Malaysian goverment doing to improve the public transport system??? ALL TALK!!!! and the BLAB BLAH BLAH just goes on.. oh well thanks to the moto: "MALAYSIA BOLEH"

  2. holy.. caw, why we don't see this in news? news blackout again? or... i simply not have my tv turned on :)?

    shit happen, we can't blame our government all the time. although our lrt does sucks.


  3. Nevermind, Pak Lah already knew this problem. He is (was) an unhappy rider last month when he board out public transport......

  4. Yes our LRT sucks, let us all ride our bicycles to work agree? no?

  5. whoaa.. i nvr heard anything bout this yesterday until i read the online newspaper. luckily no one had serious injury. the rapidkl must investigate this case seriously & explain wht it caused to all d malaysians. we afraid it will happen again.. duh!

  6. it's a matter of time...our LRTee will kill hundred of people. Let say a big fire scenario in Putra Line in the tunnel.....Guess what? BBQ.....

    this will happen if they put politicians to run the show rather than competent professional.