High Tea at Aseana Coffee House

Today we had lunch/high tea at a hotel in downtown KL. It was organized by somebody from my wife's office. The event was scheduled around noon but we left early since we're going by public transport.
First we had dinner at Al-Azwath in Equine Park nearby. I'm saving my appetite for lunch but the kids still have to eat.
We parked our car near the Bukit Jalil LRT station and took a train to KL. There was going to be a huge rally in the city today and we anticipated traffic jams caused by senseless police road blocks.
We arrived about an hour early to the hotel. The Titiwangsa station was only 1.1 KM away from the place so we just walked there.
By noon, most of Linda's colleague started to arrive. For starters, I had some fish fingers, sausage, chicken drummet and a slice of that lasagna.
Then I had a bowl of porridge.
I was itching to try this sushi meal so I took a little bit of each different types and some wasabi sauce for dipping. Let's just say that I lost my appetite after the first 3 bites. Yucks!
For dessert, I had my favourite mint-flavoured ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and nuts. And that's about it. Honestly, buffet-style lunch/dinner is truly a waste on me. There's only so much that I can eat in one sitting.
Adam had a good time eating a little bit of everything though. He had like 3 bowl of ice creams this afternoon. Mia didn't eat much except for some fruits. She fell asleep on my shoulder for nearly an hour.
Overall, I think the food at Aseana in Dynasty Hotel is quite okaylah. Not the best but not too bad either. One thing though, the service from the staff was exceptional. Linda obviously had a good time with her friends. Me, you know I don't talk much with strangers. Should we do this some other time? Maybe, at another hotel perhaps. I would give this place 3.5 out of 5 stars.