Review: True Blood

True Blood is a TV series about human and vampires living together. The vampires and werewolves and shape-shifters and God knows how many other monsters are for real and suddenly, they've decided to come out in the open (maybe after the success of Twilight). Furthermore, the Japanese have invented True Blood, a synthetic blood drink so that these vampires don't have to feed on real human bloods anymore to get their nourishment.
Of course, not all vampires are cool with this going mainstream thing (not drinking human blood). Some still enjoys sucking human blood but not in the open of course. The funny thing is when vampires suck on human blood, the victim don't necessarily become a vampire too. There's a certain ritual to perform to turn them into vampires. Although they're still new in society, these vampires are already fighting for equal right as citizens. They have their own political parties and are lobbying for a law to legalize human-vampire marriage.

Unlike in Twilight, vampires in True Blood cannot come out in broad daylight or else they will get fried to death. Cross and holy water and onion won't harm them but silver can and you can kill them by stabbing them with a sharp wood (stake). Plus in this story, vampire blood are like drugs. People get high (like in drug addict high) when taking vampire blood (commonly referred as "V") and drug pushers look for this new kind of drug (whether consensual or by force) to make money.
True Blood revolves around the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress in a small Lousiana town called Bon Temps (good times in French). Sookie has this special gift where she can read people's mind. One day Sookie met a hundred year old but still good-looking vampire named Bill and got attracted to him because she can't read his mind. Eventually the hooked up and they became and item which caused the ire of everybody in town. They go out together, had sex and even let the vampire suck on her blood.
True Blood is in it's second season now in the U.S but I can assure you it won't be available here for the Malaysian audience, ever. Violence, horror, sex, crude language, you name it, it's all there in True Blood. Still this TV series got amongst the highest rating right now in the U.S so if you're curious and really like to watch, you know what to do (hint: Mininova).