Avatar movie is so overrated

Before watching this move, I've read and heard rave reviews about it from everywhere, blogs, websites and also my friends who watched it. That's why I forked out 23 ringgit to see it with my wife and find out what's all the fuss about this movie is about.

After spending over 2 hours watching it, I must say Avatar fell a tad short of my expectations. I mean yeah all the CGI and animation were good but apart from that, there's nothing awe-inspiring or revolutionary about this movie. I've seen better movies with more profound effect to me over the years.
Avatar the movie tells of the story about a crippled ex-marine named Jake Sully who traveled to a mining colony at a planet called Pandora to work as a security personnel there. At Pandora, Jake got the chance to be involved in a scientific research where he get to control the mind of a cloned native (the Na'vis). Predictably Jake fell in love with the locals, especially the hot Neytiri girl and fought to defend the tribe against the evil mining corporation who tried to destroy them.

Overall I can only rate this movie with 3 out of 5 stars. If you'd like to see half naked, overgrown CGI smurfs, I mean Na'vis running around then this is the movie for you. Else, go watch Sherlock Holmes instead. And please don't bring your kids to watch this one. I mean although they're only CGI, they're still boobs nevertheless.