Wishlist 2010

Since 2009 is drawing to a close, it's time to take a peek into my brain and explore my wishlist for next year. Sorted from cheapest to the most expensive, here they are:

1. Liverpool Track Top
The least expensive item in my wishlist for next year is this original Liverpool FC Cox Zip Thru track top. Made from cotton & polyester with vintage look wide stitch embroidery on chest, gold bird, metal zipper and branded woven tape. I choose this track top over a LFC kit because unlike the kit, this one won't get outdated next season (plus I'm waiting for Standard Chartered to take over first).

Price: RM262.53 (£45.00)
Estimated time of purchase: 2012?

2. Sony Micro Hifi
My 14 year old Aiwa Mini Compo just went bust last year so it's about time I get a new one. This baby plays from USB drive, CD and also tape. Small but just right for me.

Price: RM499.00 ($145.00)
Estimated time of of purchase: Next 2 years perhaps?

3. Apple iPod Nano
I used to own an iPod Shuffle last year before it was taken away (forcibly) from me. To be honest, the sound quality of the iPod is not as good as my current Sony Walkman but because it's from Apple, I just get a million street cred points just for having one. Plays 2000 songs or 8 hours of video. The latest version comes with video recording function too.

Price: RM599.00 ($174.00)
Estimated time of purchase: Within next 3 years

4. Sony PlayStation Portable
Call me old-fashioned, but I have only played with a PlayStation™ for like a dozen times in my life. Besides, the Football Manager 2010 game still run fine on my old Pentium 4 PC. This one is not for me though. I think I'll get one for Adam (once he gets first place in class). Of course who said you can't share, right?

Price: RM899.00 ($261.00)
Estimated time of purchase: Unknown

5. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v
There are literally dozens of netbook brands and with a variety of specs out there but one thing that makes the Dell Mini 10v netbook so special is it can run Mac OS X with all the hardware working out of the box. Not only that, you can also run Google's latest Chrome OS with most of the device drivers working, this netbook is special alright. This 10" screen netbook weighs only 1.17KG, powered by an Intel® Atom™ N280 1.66GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 250GB of HDD. And for just RM1,199.00, it's a no brainer!

Price: RM1,199.00 ($348.00)
Estimated time of purchase: Not anytime soon

6. MiFi
A MiFi is a tiny, battery powered modem that turns 3G signal into WiFi. So basically you just insert your 3G sim card into this device and presto!, you got mobile WiFi to connect your iPod Touch, notebook, mobile phone or anything with WiFi to the Internet. Is that cool or what? The bad news is, this MiFi thing is still not available anywhere outside U.S yet though I predict it would be produced and sold globally pretty soon.

Price: RM1,406.00 ($400.00)
Estimated time of purchase: Next 5 years?

7. Canon PowerShot S90
The Canon PowerShot S90 camera packs the power and features of a professional DSLR into the size and price of a regular point and shoot camera. Small enough to fit snugly into your pocket, you can shoot photos with depth of field, manual focus or take pictures in really low light with this baby. I have read rave reviews and good recommendation everywhere for this camera, so much that my next camera simply must be the Canon S90.

Price: RM1,748.00 ($508.00)
Estimated time of purchase: 4 years (hopefully)

8. Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB
The fastest and most powerful iPhone yet (or any phone for that matter). You either love this phone or love this phone very much, there's no two way about it. 3 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and video recording, voice control, MMS, tethering and compass are among the features that comes with the iPhone 3GS. A wise man once said, "once you own an iPhone, you won't look or buy any other phones again". Truly wise words indeed.

Price: RM2,990.00* ($868.00) *Without contract
Estimated time of purchase: After the next 6 years or more

9. Apple iMac 27"
Once you used Mac OS and appreciate the beauty and elegance of an Apple computer, you will realize how ugly Windows OS is. In fact nowadays, my eyes hurts whenever I boot my Windows based PC at home and work. And since I got my hands on an eMac recently, it's only natural that I'm longing to get my hand on the real deal, the drool-worthy, sexy and powerful iMac 27" computer with 2.66GHz Intel Core i5 (that's 5 processors in a single machine), 4GB RAM and 1TB of HDD. It's the only computer you'll ever need.

Price: RM6,999.00 ($2,033.00)
Estimated time of purchase: Maybe some time in the next decade, probably a second hand unit (if I'm lucky).

10. Volvo S80 R-Design
As a red-blooded guy, you'd probably expected me to go for a sports car such as a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza or a Nissan Fairlady Z, or even a luxury line such as a Lexus, Mercedes or Ferrari right? Well actually I just prefer the good old and trusty Volvo make of cars, specifically the S80. Although not as sporty or expensive as any of the cars above, the Volvo S80 had one of the highest crash test ratings in the world for five years running and being a family guy right now, I had only that in mind when choosing a car. This car is probably much cheaper everywhere else in the world but only in 'wonderful' Malaysia that you get to pay crazy import tax to own one. Sigh.

Price: RM250,927.00 ~ $72,860.00
Estimated time of purchase: Maybe after I join UMNO and get free APs first.

At this moment in time, I know I probably have a really slim or zero chance in getting any of the items in my wishlist above. But then who knows maybe some fictional bearded guy in red robes and reindeers somewhere up north is reading this (or even my Dad maybe!), you know what to get for me next year right?