A friendly reminder

Dear Future no 48 Jalan Indah 1/22 occupant,

How are you doing? I hope everything is going on well with the moving and stuff. How do you find the neighbourhood so far? When we left the house for good last week, we saw a tent being set up right in front. I do hope one of the neighbours children is not getting married anytime soon. Because last time they did, they were so noisy with the music and blaring speakers and dancing and all that somebody had to call the police to make them stop. Needless to say we didn't have much sleep that night. The first time it happened, we just moved in there. The music didn't stop until 3 in the morning. The second time, we packed our stuff and quickly ran to our mother's house. These people I tell you have totally no respect for other people's privacy and well being.
Before you open the gate, be careful not to step on the poops. I suspect they were some cat's droppings but looking at the number of dogs that you find in the neighbourhood, you'll never know. Those darn cats (or dogs) have this habit of pooping in front gate 2-3 times per week. If I didn't know better I'd be shooting them with a gun for sport. There's no point shooing them because they will always come back. Your front gate, is the only one down the street with grass on it so naturally, it doubles as a make shift toilet for the cats. One thing you can do though is to put some.. a lot of moth balls on the grass. That will keep the cats away for a while at least. Just make sure your kids don't mistake them as sweets.

You should notice by now that all of the doors in the house is already broken. I must admit I did break that one room upstairs with my bare feet when Mia locked herself in there but the other one was not my doing. What else can we do? The landlord didn't leave is with any spare keys so I didn't actually have much choice. And oh yeah we just fixed the front grill after some crooks broke into the house and took off with some of our most prized possession like my laptop, camera and iPod. Our neighbour, the elderly lady in front actually saw the thugs' car parked in front of our house that morning but she did nothing. It never crossed her mind that those people who were transferring the loot into the car were really thieves. Well, I can't blame her because she was not very bright in the first place. Anyway, we added 2 more pad lock holes to the grill and fixed the gates so that you can finally close them properly unlike before. Remember to lock your gates, sliding door and grills at all times, even if you're leaving your house for 10 minutes. Break-ins and robbery is not uncommon around the neighbourhood.

If you suddenly find a lot of rubbish strewn on your porch out of nowhere, just relax. That's your next door neighbour's way of saying welcome. This neighbour of yours have these little kids who just loves to throw rubbish and stuff onto your porch just for kicks. And the best part is you can't do nothing about it because well, they're just kids and you don't really want to upset your neighbour for this petty stuff right? So just pick them up and get on with life.

That weedy wall? Don't bother scrapping or repainting them. They'll be back in a matter of weeks. You see, rain water from the porch's roof regularly flow through them and unless you use some kind of really expensive paint, they'll grow back again faster than ever those damn weeds. Instead, look at them as a maintenance free decoration.

The vacant house next door, there used to be a tenant there as well but they have moved out some time ago. First there was a young couple with a kid about Adam's age. And then the landlord threw them out, re-painted the place and got some new tenant with a higher rent price. That new tenant, some young working women didn't last long either. They just took off one night with all their stuff leaving the house bare. It's been vacant ever since.

Please note that during rainy days, you will find half a dozen leaks throughout the house. I think there's 4 downstairs and 2 upstairs. Remember not to put your TV or other electrical appliance under those leaking spots. Using buckets would be most effective and you can use the water later to water your plants or something. And before I forget, the water tank is leaking too. Something wrong with the float I think. Turn off the main tap or the one next to the tank before you leave the house. Or you can get it fixed, for a price of course. Water from the tap is practically safe, if you don't mind drinking murky, brown water that is. If not use a decent water filter.

Talking about insects and pests, this house (and neighbourhood) is alive with them. Apart from the usual ants, roaches, lizards and mosquitoes, please be wary of the rats. I've caught no less than 4 rats throughout my entire stay there. They normally come from the backdoor although some prefer to enter with dignity from the front. You can either trap them or chase them away with a broom. The former might take some time but the latter is much more exasperating and tiring. Do not however poison them because they will die, God knows where and stink the entire house. The insects I can still tolerate but those rats were one of the main reason we left this place.

If you go jogging in the morning and you stumble into them dogs, just ignore them. That's what I usually do anyway. If you're running, walk slowly past them. Although sometimes they looked like they would like to give you a friendly lick (or bite), the truth is they're smart enough to leave you alone. A lot of your neighbours have a dog or two in their compound so naturally you will found a lot of strays in the vicinity.

How much did you pay for the rent anyway? I paid 400 ringgit monthly to the landlord although with the condition of the house and the amount of shit we have to go through, I should have asked for less. But the good things is, the landlord never bothered to raise the rent. In fact he never bothered to visit the house ever! All 3+ years we stayed there, I only saw him twice. The first time when we visited the place before moving in and the second time when he handed over the keys and that's it. I banked in the rent every month and the only way we can keep in touch of each other is through the phone. One time Syabas cut off our water connection because he didn't bother to change the registration info. The only up side to all this is you can pay the rent any time you like. Be it on your pay day or the first week of the month. He doesn't mind really.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy your stay there. Please don't let my rants above gets you down or demoralize you in any way. I'm just letting you know in advance what's in store for you at your new place. Remember to lock the gates and grills always and you may want to start saving for a new place!

Yours Truly

Previous Tenant.