Huck's Café

Last week I went to my first company annual dinner at Huck's Café in Bangsar.

Tucked deep inside Bangsar Utama, Huck's Café serves authentic home-cooked Asian, Italian, Mexican and Western food.

Huck's Café is different from the other restaurants because everything is prepared fresh using mostly organic vegetables, spices, herbs without MSG, additives nor colourings

I have never heard of this place before and apparently my boss found out about this place solely through word of mouth. As you can see, they like to keep the place gloomy and dark, I mean romantic for dinner.

Huck's Café doesn't usually accept walk-in customers and you have to order 5 days in advance through their Facebook page.

You can let the chef surprise you with their choice of dishes or you can pre-order in advance on the Facebook page.

I must say the food was mostly good but you'll have to wait a while for them to come one by one.

This is what I had for dinner that evening, seafood spaghetti with oysters. They serve generous portions of food so after having the appetizer and half of the main course you should be pretty full already.

They have Mr Huck as the main chef plus another Malay chef to help him in the kitchen. Some of the waiters are Malay too and the menu here is pork-free. Despite the lack of halal logo, you can say this place is just as halal as IKEA, Old Town White Coffee and your local McDonald's store.

As my company's dinner was held a few days before Chinese New Year, they served yee sang for everybody too, naturally. This is my first encounter with this tradition. Pretty messy.

For dessert we were presented with about half a dozen choices. I had to try the famous crème brûlée dish where they torch the caramel topping with fire while the custard base remains cold.

Needless to say this dessert is simply marvelous and one small bowl is simply not enough.

For RM88.00 per pax I have to say the food served at Huck's Café was worth the steep price tag. This place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30 PM till midnight. Tables are limited and the place can hold about 20 diners at any one time so reservation is a must.

Huck's Café is located in Bangsar Utama, turn left about 500 meters from Bangsar LRT into Jalan Abdullah. You can visit their Facebook page for more info, menu pictures & reservation.