National Science Center

National Science Center located in Damansara Heights (Bukit Damansara) is one of those place that I pass by a few hundred times while going to work but didn't have time to visit.

Of course visiting this place all by myself would be a crime especially without bringing my kids.

The admission fee is just RM6.00 for adults and half price for kids. Not so long ago they have this promotion where you enter for free. Today though you'll have to pay.

We were greeted by aquarium tunnel which made it into the Malaysia Book of Records somehow. Remember, this was before Aquaria KLCC come to be.

You get to see and do many fun scientific stuff which would fascinate bot children and adults alike. Quite similar to Petrosains in KLCC if you've been there.

The National Science Center is a good place to bring your children where they can experience and learn science in a fun and engaging way. The place itself is quite large with 4 levels of exhibition to stroll through. My advise is pack your own lunch since it could take the whole day to see everything. There is a small cafeteria next to the entrance but the menu choice is rather limited.

Overall I think for 6 ringgit, the National Science Center is worth a visit. Not as flashy or cool like Kidzania which charges RM55.00 for a kid to pretend to be grown-ups for a day but quite okay.