Sara Thai Kitchen

While holidaying in Kuantan last week, a chanced upon Sara Thai Kitchen situated along Jalan Gambut in the middle of town.

This restaurant received numerous favorable reviews on Foursquare so I felt compelled to check it out.

First up was green chicken curry. I have my reservation for weird-colored curries so with that in mind I find this one not to my liking. Different people has different taste I guess.

The chicken Tom Yam was okay. Perhaps if it was spicier or hotter it could taste better but we had the kids in mind when we ordered.

Apart from that we also ordered some omelette and fried calamari. The calamari was to die for.

The restaurant is easy to find, the atmosphere is relaxing with imported Thai music in the background and the staff is warm and friendly. One thing I noticed though is the presence of "beware of snatch thief" posters all over the wall which is a bit unnerving. It's like we expected a snatch thief to barge in and rob us in broad daylight at a moment's notice.

Overall I think Sara Thai is a decent place to eat with your family. The food is good and the price is quite reasonable. Most meals starts from RM5.00 onward. Sara Thai Kitchen is located right in the middle of Kuantan along Jalan Gambut.