Mighty Wallet

My wallets usually doesn't have a really long life-span. Most would last less than a year of continuous use like the one that had before. What I need is a wallet that's really durable, tough and long-lasting while not costing me an arm or a leg. That's when I found out about Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design.

The Mighty Wallet was designed by Terrence Kelleman in 2005 and made entirely of Tyvek material which is very strong and difficult to tear but easy to cut. The Mighty Wallet is folded entirely out of a single sheet of Tyvek and features a stitchless design.

I love the thin, durable, and light weight qualities of the Mighty Wallet which is perfect for me to carry around every day. It is thin enough to fit comfortably in my pocket, durable enough to withstand the elements, and light enough that you will hardly notice you are carrying it.

Finding the Mighty Wallet in Malaysia was initially quite frustrating. You can't definitely find any of them in sale in any of your regular hypermart or fashion outlet. I found one local online store which does sell wallet for RM55 but reading several customer reviews of the website didn't really inspire confidence to me. Finally I found the Mighty Wallet on sale at a Borders store at The Curve last weekend and bought it right away. There are over a dozen designs to choose from (a hundred from their American website). I had my eyes on the mail envelope design for a long time but unfortunately that one is out of stock.

RM64 is more than I usually pay for my wallets which usually cost no more than RM25. But since this wallet is really durable and the design is quite pretty, I simply have to try this wallet. So far I'm one truly satisfied Mighty Wallet customer. I would really recommend this wallet to everyone, you won't regret it.

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