Inside Llewyn Davis review

Just finished watching Inside Llewyn Davis last night. This is one of the movies that you would say "what the fuck? That's it?". Inside Llewyn Davies tells of the story of one week in the life of a struggling folk singer in Greenwich Village in New York in the 60s. I mean what could be more boring than that, right? I thought so too immediately after watching it. A few hours later however, I learnt to appreciate the quality cinematography that goes into making this film and the awesome music soundtrack from the movie. Inside Llewyn Davis has Justin Timberlake cast as an actor and singer in the movie and he even performed this lovely song in it.

I've been a recent fan of the Coen brothers who made the movie. Their other works that I loved as well were Fargo and No country for old man. For movies with quite a modest budget, they sure did produced some amazing stuff. I'd totally recommend this movie.

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