GSC Signature Gold Class experience

A few weeks ago I was presented with two Gold Class vouchers to watch some movies at GSC Signature cinema at The Gardens shopping mall in KL. I've heard of GSC Signature's Gold Class exclusive boutique cinemas but I've never been inside one since obviously they're way too expensive for my budget.

So when a good friend of mine gifted me those tickets, I took my wife to experience the Gold Class cinema for ourselves this weekend. The regular price for these Gold Class tickets are RM70 each but we only pay 5 ringgit each for the 3D movie that we wanted to watch. The tickets got us a free complimentary drinks as well.

Once you purchased (or redeem) the tickets, you will then proceed to the food and beverage counter to order your food and beverage. There's a variety of food and drinks to choose from (and most of them are quite expensive, naturally) including liquor if you wish. We only had one large pop corn and I don't know whether because it's Gold Class, the pop corn tasted extra good in there.

After that, you get to relax at the Gold Class lounge before the movie starts. Most of the time there would be less than a dozen people lounging around since the cinema capacity is rather limited.

There are only 21 twin seats inside the cinema and the seats are not your regular cinema seats but a plush and comfortable reclining leather seats instead. You will also be provided with a blanket each since you know, it gets really cold in the cinema.

Before the movie starts, anything that you have ordered at the food and beverage counter shall be delivered to your seat. Should you require more food during the show, you just need to press the service button on the sofa and a waiter will come running to your assistance.

The cinema does get quite cold towards the middle of the movie but I suspect they turned down the air conditioning right at the end since it gets slightly warmer then. The movie that we picked was Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 3D which was good although I had a slight headache afterwards perhaps because of the 3D glasses. I don't think I want to watch anything 3D again after this. At least not at GSC.

I suppose for some really rich people, going to a regular crowded cinemas just won't do hence why they created something like GSC Signature. For 80% more than the regular cinema ticket price, you get to enjoy a more quiet, private and a little bit of luxurious movie-watching experience. For a regular Joe like me, this is one of those once in a blue moon opportunity so I really enjoyed the experience. If money is no object, I would definitely do this every other month. I would like to thank Joanna very much for the generous gift. Merci boucoup madame!

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