Skytrex Adventure

The school I work at is having a two week Easter break right now and my company has planned some fun-filled activities for all their staff. We get to choose from several different activities such as paintball, bowling, go-kart, cooking and Skytrex adventure. We get to choose two activities each and being the adventurous guy that I am, I chose Skytrex and go-kart.

To be honest I've never heard of Skytrex Adventure before. This is my first time there and looking at the pictures from the website, they looked harmless enough. I mean what could be so hard about trying a few flying foxes and walking on the walkways amongst the trees right?

Skytrex Adventure is located in Taman Pertanian Malaysia (Malaysia Agriculture Park) in Shah Alam. It's situated next to the Shah Alam city center so it's pretty accessible to the public. Once you get to the park entrance, you will take a short bus trip to the Skytrex site.

The first thing you do is to sign the indemnity form. It basically says while they have taken every safety precaution necessary, they are not responsible for anything bad that might happen to you while doing the activities (as always). If you brought a bag pack or anything valuable along, you'll have to store them in the locker provided. The fee is 1 ringgit with 5 ringgit refundable deposit. If you didn't bring any gloves, you can purchase one for 3 ringgit at the counter. Advanced climbers may find the gloves unnecessary but for beginners like you and me, it is highly recommended.

You will then be supplied with a half-body harness for the activities. Wear something comfortable and of course shoes. Mosquitoes are aplenty so wearing long pants or track suits is recommended. It's going to be really hot and humid on the trees and you're gonna sweat profusely. Take along at least a bottle of water to keep yourself cool and hydrated. They do sell cold drinks and water at the counter. For RM2 per can, they're surprisingly affordable too.

Next you will attend the all important introduction and safety briefing by the instructor. He will guide you how to use the harness, carabiners and pulley. Pay attention because those are really important.

After a trial climb and a short flying fox down a low tree, you'll begin with the real adventure. First stop, a lengthy climb up a 14 meters ladder. That's where the challenge start. Climbing the high ladder looks easy at first but once you're halfway up, your arms will start to tire and you'll wish you're safely down below. Doing the activities at Skytrex does require some upper body strength aside from stamina so if you haven't been working out at all, you will find Skytrex Adventure really hard and challenging.

I myself was not spared of the hardship. My arms started to ache halfway up the first tree, probably because I took a break from my workout routines for weeks already. Still, I mustered every ounce of my energy to finish the 14 meters ascend. Apart from stamina, one must not be afraid of heights!(duh). While you are tied to the steel cable at all time, a peek down the trees could be terrifying to some. It does require some balls to be up there.

Our first challenge was walking along this net. I felt like walking on air. As a beginner, it was slightly scary to me but I soon learn that was nothing compared to the rest that we had to do next.

These wooden planks doesn't look sturdy at all but they are. By this time it gets a bit tougher for us. Maintaining our balance while making our way across.

This little swinging bridge is the hardest bit that we had to do. It may look easy from here but 20 meters up in the air, one little misstep and you'll be left dangling from the line. Scary stuff.

This challenge requires you to swing from one plank to the next. Looks difficult but it's not really.

This is another challenging activity that pushes your limit. The wooden planks sways so easily and you've really got to watch your balance while going across.

I must say flying fox is everybody's favorite part since it's the easiest. Gliding from one tree to another sure is fun. Some of them were over 100 meters long.

There's a maximum limit of any number of person that can stand at any particular platform so you'll have to wait in line for the room to be available. Usually it's 2 to 3 persons at one time on a single platform.

The view from top of the trees is quite breathtaking and lovely. However since your adrenaline is pumping most of the time, you don't get much chance to enjoy the scenery. Perhaps next time when I am more relaxed. Even taking pictures is a risk cause you'll never know if you accidentally dropped your phone or camera.

Skytrex Adventure is certainly not for everyone but if you've got at least a little bit of adventure inside and some courage you must really try it at least once in your lifetime. It requires a some stamina and bravery to do the challenges.

There are three main course in Skytrex Adventure - Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge which differs in length and difficulty. My colleagues and I did half of the Little Adventure course today I think because of time constraints. Wish I could do all of them but what to do.

There's also a special course for children which features activities suited for beginners and the little ones.

I would definitely return here again someday to complete at least one of the courses (if not all).

Skytrex Adventure is open everyday for the public. On weekdays, you can only do group booking with a minimum of 25 people per group. There's no minimum number of pax on weekends. The rates starts from RM35 for Little Adventure up to RM55 for Extreme Challenge and you are advised to book online in advance . There's no guarantee of slot availabilities for walk in customers. With those really affordable prices, I would really recommend this Skytrex Adventure to everyone especially those with a flair for adventures adrenaline junkies.

For more information, do visit their website here.