Malacca & Klebang trip

For this school holiday I brought my family for a short trip to Malacca. We booked a room at Bayou Lagoon Resort about 30 minutes from the city center. The hotel features a little water park adjacent to it and we get 2 free entry tickets for staying at the hotel. Since there are five of us, we had to pay for the remaining three but lucky for us Hana get to go in for free. There were several slides in the water park and a few play area. The water was only knee to waist deep so there’s not much swimming to do. The kids however had a really good time. They didn’t want to come out of the water until the siren is turned on when the rainstorm started.

Don't be discouraged by some of the negative comments on online booking websites. The hotel room was actually quite nice, apartment studio - very spacious. You could easily fit at least 7 fully grown people in there. And for RM137.24 (before 16% taxes) it’s quite affordable too. However there’s only two lifts for the entire building so there’s always a sizable queue in front of them all the time. The trick is to get a room on the lower levels like we did (1st floor). That way we can always take the stairs and avoid waiting forever for the lift. We looked around a good place to eat for dinner and found one called Asam Pedas Claypot near the city centre. It come highly recommended on Foursquare and the asam pedas really didn’t disappoint. The nasi lemak that I had was not so good though so you probably should stick with the asam pedas menu. The next day as always Adam and I drive around Bukit Katil to find breakfast. Since the free breakfast vouchers is only for two, the rest of us need to find our own breakfast. After driving for like 30 minutes looking for a decent place to eat, we finally found one right next door to the hotel (duh).

The water park tickets is only valid for one day so we need to buy new tickets should we want to enter again the next day. We decided to take a stroll around Malacca instead. First stop was the popular Malacca River Cruise attraction. Just our luck, it started to pour while we were boarding the boat. The next 45 minutes of our trip were in the pouring rain but we still get to see some interesting parts of central Malacca from the boat. I noticed they’ve painted some building along the river with murals. To be honest, I’d prefer they don’t because those murals somehow ruined the rustic beauty of some of the buildings plus the paintings were not really that beautiful. I also saw a lot of ‘don’t mess with Malacca’ slogan all over the city. What’s up with that? I for certain don’t feel very welcomed with the sign. It’s more of a threat than a greeting. Whoever thought of that is a bumbling idiot who probably stayed too long in Texas.

Next we went to Klebang beach some 30 minutes away. My wife is a big fan of the famous coconut shake there so she always try to have some whenever we’re in town. Me, I thought they all taste the same. Our original plan was just to visit the beach but when we saw the scenic sand dunes where all hipsters went to take pictures, we just had to visit it. There were some way to walk from where we parked our car to the sand dunes (actually just reclaimed land) but it’s all worth it. The scenery and view were beautiful, the kids had fun and I took loads of pictures. Be careful driving away from the place though, cause you car might get stuck in the sand. First I saw a car being stuck in the sand and then it also happened to us. So everybody got out of the car except for Linda and we asked several fellow visitors to help us push the car. After several attempts, we finally managed to get the car out of the sand and away from that place. I suspect the heavy luggage plus all the passengers caused the car to get stuck in the first place.

That concludes our short getaway to Malacca. It’s a nice change from the usual Port Dickson resorts. Maybe we should do it again some other time.

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