FZ 150

Let me tell you a story about all the bikes I’ve owned. Wait I’ve already did that in this blog post here. So I’m going to tell you about my latest bike instead. Ever since my old Krisstar broke down, I’ve been using a bike borrowed from my brother. Sooner or later I’m gonna have to find a new bike or at least fix my old Krisstar. After much consideration I decided against the latter because it might not be worth it to fix that old junk again.

At first I had my sight on the beautiful Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR motorcycle but they’re too expensive for my budget. A second hand unit will cost 7,000 ringgit upwards and a brand new one no less than 16,000 ringgit. So I switched my target on the next best thing in the market — the Yamaha FZ 150 bike. This one is a lot cheaper and I quickly found one on Mudah selling for only 5,000 ringgit. The Since I don’t have 5,000 ringgit lying around, I had to look for a loan from a bank somewhere. In a stroke of luck, I found out that I can do a cash instalment plan with my HSBC credit card which only charge a low 4.88% interest charge.

As always, I need to test drive the bike first before I can finalize the purchase which I did. The engine sounded pretty good and the bike’s pickup was nice. A few days later I paid that fella and now I’m the proud owner of a 2013 Yamaha FZ 150 motorcycle. As I said the bike is only 2 years old with only 19,000 kilometers of mileage. Compared to my last bike, the FZ is a massive upgrade. It runs faster, have much better pick up and acceleration and a joy to ride. I also has a massive tank that could hold 16 ringgit of petrol in one go. I only had to fill up the bike like once a week instead of every 2–3 days like before. For once, all the parts are working and I can ride long distance or at night without any worries. I can get to work and return home faster and save myself from further backache. But of course, a much bigger bike requires better maintenance and the spare parts and service will cost slightly more though I’m sure it’s worth it. I can imagine riding this bike for a long-long year to come. I got the feeling this is gonna be the best investment I’ve made yet.

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