Gold Coast Morib Resort

In conjunction with the school holiday last week, I took the opportunity to take my family for a short weekend getaway at Gold Coast Morib Resort near Banting. One of the reason I chose the resort was because of its proximity, only a 45 minutes drive from my place. Another reason was because it comes with a water theme park which would be great for children because you know how they love water and parks.

I booked the Studio Suite with jacuzzi. Their rates vary from RM150 to RM388 depending on when you come. I got mine for RM250 which was pretty reasonable considering it’s the weekend and school holiday some more. We arrived late at night that day because Adam had a chess competition during the day. The resort was easy enough to find using Waze and there’s ample parking space for visitors around the hotel.

First impression, the studio suite looks good enough. I immediately noticed the lamp shade is broken and you can see the electric cable showing, ripped from the socket. In the bathroom you can find the private jacuzzi which a loud whirring sound when turned on. Not really ideal for a romantic honeymoon. There’s a little space between the jacuzzi and the wall where you can see electrical cables hanging, susceptible to water and little fingers. The door of the glass shower is dangling sideways and you can’t close it properly. I don’t know whether it’s just our luck that we got the worse room in the house or all their rooms look like that. Anyway I called the front desk to report about the faulty lamp shade and unsurprisingly nobody came to fix it throughout our stay. And they have the audacity to call themselves a 4 stars hotel. I’d given them 2 stars and that’s me being generous.

Since nobody in their right mind would call room service and order food from the hotel, we did what people normally do. Go out to the nearest eatery and have dinner there. We found one food court next to the Morib beach where there’s plenty of stalls and food to choose from. The food is okay and the price quite reasonable.

The next morning we spent a few hours in the water theme park. We got 2 free tickets with the room but had to pay separately for the kids. One thing I quickly noticed was that the water in the theme park was not so clean. Apart from that the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing and splashing in the water and going down the slides. Me I was just trying to not think too much about the dirty water. Would I recommend Gold Coast Morib Resort? Only if you don’t mind some of their broken facilities and if you get a discounted price. Otherwise find some place nicer. I don’t fancy paying RM388 for substandard amenities and dirty water theme park.

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