Free decoder from Astro

Last week I got a phone call from a lady claiming to be from Astro (a local satellite TV provider). She said dialed my phone number at random and she offered me an Astro subscription with free decoder and outdoor unit (satellite dish). I was rather skeptical at first but still I kept on listening to her rambling (cause it's a lonely road up there in Kuala Lipis). According to Yati (the lady from Astro), they are dishing out this offer in conjunction with Astro's anniversary and also Akademi Fantasia 6.

To be frank, I was not interested with the offer since I don't think we really need Astro at home. I spent most of my free time after work looking after Adam (and soo Mia), surfing the Internet and blogging and stuff, I don't watch much TV anymore nowadays. But then since they're giving out a free decoder (worth RM200) and a satellite dish plus the fact that I don't have to pay my bill until June*, I thought that offer is too good to refuse. The only thing I do have to pay is the 80 ringgit installation fee. So I gave her my details over the phone and 3 days later the installer guy called asking directions to my house. The guy and his wife came, fixed the satellite dish and set up everything and 12 hours later, we're watching Astro in the comfort of our living room.
I chose the Sports + Variety package which will cost me RM54.90 monthly. I remember 10 years ago when Astro first launched, my dad had to fork out a cool 2K to subscribe to the country's first satellite TV. Now it's only 80 bucks. So now I can watch every Liverpool games and all my favourite TV shows right at home! (duh).

By the way, Yati from Astro called me again yesterday and she said if I got friends or family who'd like to get the free decoder and satellite dish like I did, just give her a call* at this number: 05 2360085. No kidding.


I don't know whether it's an honest mistake or a deliberate scheme, somehow they included the expensive Movie package into my Astro subscription so I had to pay RM102.50 (for everything including duty stamp) on my first bill. Some more I had to pay my bill starting from the first day of installation (late April) instead of end of June as promised by Yati. As of today, they have canceled the Movie package as I requested and they said they'll give me a rebate in my next bill. I guess we'll have to see about that. So guys, it's up to you whether to trust this Yati girl or not. You've been duly warned.


  1. These kind of free stuff is too good to be true. There will always an equilibrium to the equation. You will always give and take. It's mothers nature law by the way..hehe..

  2. Well.. these installers dun bother what package(s) you subscribe rather no of installations. Simply because monthly subscription goes to Astro; so they only interested the installation part, that is where their commission/income come. Got it.

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