Walk Walk Find Food episode 2

Kedai Tkrie

If you ever find yourself in Pasir Mas in Kelantan and you have a sudden urge for a taste of local mi celup (noodle soup) head over to Kedai Tkrie.This little eatery provide among others, a really delicious mi celup. I've only been there twice but I'm sure they also offer a variety of delicacies beside mi celup. Last week I went there again with my wife and kids and we had Tkrie's special mi celup. It's basically noodle soup with eggs. One thing you must try is their special coconut shake drink served with ice cream and sprinkled nuts. I really like that drink and I think it'll beat any Starbucks drinks anytime. But then in my eagerness to eat all those glorious food, I forgot to take any pictures.
I can only say you'll have to try it for yourself then. The place is rather secluded too and unless you live in Pasir Mas, I don't think you'll ever heard of the place. To get there you need to turn left the junction just after the railway crossing (not the one before) and go in for about 400 meters. Another way in is through the little road next to the Shell station along the Pasir Mas - Kota Bharu route. A little bit difficult to grasp I'm sure but trust me, it's all worth it.
During my last visit, Linda and I had a bowl of special mi celup each plus a glass of Tkrie's special coconut drink. Overall it costs me just RM5.80, a price you won't find anywhere here in the Klang Valley.

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  1. second you on that, am sure this shop tastes better than fooking starbucks. Even if it doesn't, better to support our fellow malaysians than to frequent chains like McD's & Starfookingbuck's which is the REAL form of American Imperialism!

    ps: You are cordially invited to vent yer spleen at me blog on that wonderful & fave topic - LOCAL FOOTBALL!