The Great Flood of Bandar Putra Permai

There was a really-really heavy downpour this afternoon at my office.
Water rose quickly as rain water from up the hill accumulated around my office turning it into a little island before flowing down to the main road.
I managed to move my car which is parked right in front my office just in time. My friend's car there was not so lucky. It was already flooded when he got to his car.
The parking lot right next to our office was also not spared as the zinc walls fell onto a few of my office mate's cars. Fortunately that didn't leave much impression on the cars. All of them escaped with hardly a scratch.
As we were busy watching the rain outside, I was the first one who noticed that the rain water had actually seeped inside the office! And it's no plain water too, it was nicely mixed with water from the septic tank outside. So you can imagine the smell me and the rest from my department will be living with for the next few weeks. Luckily we managed to save all of our office equipments because of my early warning (ahem).
In the mean time, the little stream in front of my office overflowed onto the road causing a massive traffic jam from Seri Kembangan town heading to Equine Park. That poor little lorry driver who tried to brave the water got stuck when his lorry went dead midway.
Traffic turned into a standstill for almost an hour and only eased a little bit when the traffic police created a temporary contra flow for the stranded vehicles. The water only receded about an hour later.

I'm calling our newly appointed MPs and representative to look into this matter before this problem escalates further (that's you Gobind Singh Deo and Dato' Satim Diman). I suggest we improve the drainage system and deepen the little stream.


  1. wah...that bad issit..thanks for warning me about the flood..lucky me i din go back home using that route..

    anyway..tak main paper boat ke ngan bujal?

  2. Dear Rafeal Afif,

    Am sure you will be aware the despite the new opposition MPs, the federal purse strings are still controlled by them BN punks. Fer a project of this magnitude, am sure some form of govt funding will be required. Wanna bet they will do everything possible to make it worse? (eg Jalan Kelang Lama since the 70s - the stretch in front of the market) / Also see Azalina's latest outburst as the new Minister of Tourism - she wanna batal all MoUs with oppostion-held states.

    Sorry that yer office will smell of shite fer the next couple of weeks.