Help me choose a phone

My current phone is broken. I might not afford to buy a new phone right now but who knows in the future when I saved enough money? For my next (future) phone, it must have a qwerty keypad. Easy for my to reply to SMS, write e-mails and most importantly blog anywhere and anytime. I have shortlisted all my prospective phones to these 5 here. Why are they so cheap? Because they're all used items and they're from of course!

HP iPaq 6515
PDA phone with integrated GPS, 1.3 mega-pixel camera but no WiFi or 3G. Powered by the ancient Windows Mobile 2003SE OS. I found a lot of bad reviews about this phone especially concerning it's 240 x 240 resolution and battery life. The only good thing about this unit is the price - RM404.00.

Samsung i320
GSM smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0. 320 x 240 screen, 1.3 mega pixel camera with built in flash, Bluetooth and push e-mail. Cheapest of them all at only RM383.00.

Motorola Q8
The Q8 is a slim smartphone powered by Windows Mobile 6 phone with 1.3 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth. Supports multiple email (POP3/IMAP4), MS Exchange Server with direct push technology. Price from RM499.00 ~ RM515.00.

Motorola Q9h
Motorola Q9h is much like the Q8 except that it comes with 3G and a slightly different keypad design. The most expensive of the lot at RM585.00.

Nokia E61
S60 Symbian powered smartphone with 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth but no camera. Supports POP3,IMAP, SMTP and MS Active Sync. From RM450.00 ~ RM550.00.

After reading numerous reviews and looking at all the specs of all the phones above, I think the Nokia E61 offers the best value-for-money smartphone with qwerty keyboard I can get on the market. But then maybe you guys have your own experience with any of the above phone and you'd like to share it with me? If you were me, which phone would you buy?


  1. I will buy Nokia E63
    It is about RM900 though

  2. Yeah I know the E63 is better but my budget is from RM400 to RM500 only ma.

  3. from da bottom of my heart --->> takyahla beli second hand phone, kelak lagi jiwa raga terseksa...alang² nk beli beli yg new model..ini my view jerla...

  4. I understand your concern but a new unit for these phones will cost nearly a month of my salary. It's either second hand phone or no phone at all.

  5. or else u cut down a bit of da function..just a basic phone enuff..i believe IT ppl like u already have ur own lappy kan....

  6. Tanak-tanak, nak handset besh jugak!!

  7. kak tinie, jgn layan.dia mmg cam gitu. handset lama dia tu dah leh guna dah.sajer jer tu.. dah mmg nak pakai handset baru la tu :)

  8. Betul la rosak. Kejap ok, lamaaaaa rosak. Tak besh betul.